Top 10 Productivity Apps for Mac 2018

So you are looking for ways to become more productive, and you have got a Mac, then you are in luck. Apple’s handy dandy Mac is equipped to not only ensure you are productive but is designed to get things done quickly and without any hassles. Keeping this in mind, if wish to know more about some of the top productivity apps for Mac, here are 10 of them for your consideration.

1. KeePass Touch

By Innervate

Are you afraid you will end up forgetting your password? Do you want to avoid the hassle of recovering accounts for which you remember the passwords no more? Then consider using KeePass Touch on your Mac.

The open source password manager gives you the ability to store pass information with complete security. How this app works is that it creates encrypted databases where you can store your passwords without breaking a sweat.

2. Pocket

By Read It Later, Inc

If you often come across articles and think to yourself that you will view them later, but fail to do so, then Pocket is exactly what you need.

Once installed on your Mac, you can save content from 1500+ apps. The app is brilliant in regards to how it can be used for mobile sites like Pulse and Twitter. You can tag articles to organize them as you see fit, and you can even share them with your fellow Pocket users.

3. Snappy

By Nextwave Digital

This amazing app for Mac allows you to take screenshots of your screen. You can even add comments and then share it with people you know.

Screen images captured using this app remain in focus, only until you dismiss or do not need them anymore. Snappy can be a real time saver, as you will never need to juggle between images ever again.

4. Evernote

By Evernote

For information you wish to remember, Evernote is the only solution you should count on. With this app, you can create lists, scan documents, take notes and even add audio files and photos. Basically, whatever you save on Evernote can be organized in separate ‘Evernote notebooks’.

One of the greatest benefits of this app is that you can save information from any device you can think of, which can later be accessed from another device. Another great feature, the Evernote Web Clipper, allows you to save web pages for viewing later on.

5. Alfred

By Running with Crayons Ltd

With Alfred you can create new hot keys and shortcuts. It can also be used to locate files and do much more. Once installed, it integrates with the OS for greater control of system functions.

If you choose to take advantage of the PowePack extension, you can do even more with Alfred. But if you wish, you can simply choose from any one of the many pre-created workflows rather than creating them manually.

6. OmniFocus

By The Omni Group

The best task manager for the Mac by far. It has a user friendly interface, which makes it a breeze to use. There are a lot of features to look forward to, and it comes with a lot of power that can be intimidating at times. However, if you spend enough time, you can master it and make the most of your time.

With the aforementioned top 10 productivity apps for Mac, you will be able to do so much more without ever having to deal with problems and hassles ever again. Said apps will serve you in a variety of ways, including across different apps for an enhanced experience unlike any other. Why wait, when you can up your productivity game by leaps and bounds?

7. Dropzone 3

By Aptonic Limited

Dropzone 3, a wonderful app creates the ease of moving and sharing files to different services. This amazing app allows you to add “Destination” on your new MacBook. In this app you have to do drag & drop the image to any of your specified destinations.

Dropzone all you have to do is drag the app of the file you wish to move into the icon. The icon is usually located in your menu bar. Once, you hover over the icon, you are automatically directed to a palette which opens up with multiple options like (Flickr, Facebook etc.) Then you can easily drop the file in any specified destination.

8. Fantastical 2

By Flexibits Inc.

There are numbers of applications turn out to be inadequate when it comes to calendar apps but not this time. With its second release out now, Fantastical 2 for mac has taken the market surveyors off their feet. It does not only provide users a clean list, but offers the magnificent support on different calendar systems to them.

And if you want to add the event to your increasing list, all you have to do is type in the details. Now, Fantastical 2 will make sure to adjust it to your schedule accordingly.

9. Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks

By 6 Wunderkinder

If you ever get the chance to survey the mac apps market, you may realize that the digital sphere has multiple to-do list applications. However, none stands parallel with the undefeated giant Wunderlist. The perfect of the list for your mac device which not only acknowledges your day to day routine tasks but also helps you organize them in a commendable fashion.

Today, I am going to discuss the most of the amazing feature that wunderlist offer its customers and make it a standalone application for all.

10. 1Password

By AgileBits Inc.

The best password manager for your MacBook Pro can become a cumbersome task and that’s exactly why we are here. We have researched and found out that there is only one that can keep your data profoundly safe and it’s called 1Password. Sounds rather a direct right? Bet you did not see that coming.

Now the decision is yours it’s a decent option not only because it comes with safe login credentials but it is engineered with the best features, the one which you can’t expect in any good password manager. It includes browser plug-ins, automated form-filling, auto syncing and much more.


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