Top 10 MacOS Games 2018

Well, wouldn’t you know, Mac too now has an immense library of games for Apple fanboys to flaunt. Even though the catalogue is not all that extraordinary when compared to the number of titles available on Windows, it is growing rapidly (take that Microsoft!).

Without further adieu, let’s take a look at the top 10 Mac games that you need to look out for, in order to have a splendid time, when you are not in the mood to work.

Diablo III

The game has a massive fan following, for a good reason. The franchise has been around for over a decade, and it seems as though it will not be put to rest any time soon.

The most recent title, Diablo III, takes place twenty years after the second game ended. It starts with a meteor dropping on Tristram, causing havoc by paving way for the return of the demon lord, Diablo.

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Elder Scrolls Online

Even though none of the previous Elder Scrolls’ single player titles are available on Mac, Elder Scrolls Online managed to take everyone by surprise with its launch for Mac along with PC back in 2014.

The swords-and-sorcery game focuses on the land of Tamriel, which is under threat from Molag Bal. The game is all about slaying monsters, gathering loot and completing quests.

Marvel Heroes

Those Marvel fans that simply can’t get enough of the comics, movies and the franchise as a whole, will be pleased to know they can get more with Marvel Heroes on their Mac.

The game was launched in 2014, with constant updates being released to keep things interesting. The updates have also introduced new characters from Doctor Strange to Ghost Rider in order to keep fans coming back for more.

F1 2016

Despite the fact F1 2016 is late to the party; it has arrived with plenty of features for Mac users to look forward to.

F1 2016 for Mac is one of the very first games to take advantage of Apple’s graphic software, Metal. It features all 21 tracks from the season that took place in 2016, all the while allowing you to compete with F1’s top 22 drivers.

Age of Empire III

Age of Empires III may not be a new title and has been available for years now, but it is a must have title for Mac.

The game is one of the most enjoyable strategy games, set during the colonial era. It lets you control European nations like France and Britain, giving you the ability to have power over colonizing the Americas. The game hasn’t become outdated, despite its age.

Alien: Isolation (The Collection)

The Alien franchise spans over decades with numerous games expanding its lore. However, not all games have been outstanding, with the exception of this gem.

The game was originally released for PC, but has finally been released for Mac with the same tension and atmosphere that has been faithfully recreated from the original Alien film. This time around though, you get to play as Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

There is no denying the fact that the Mac has not been able to keep up with the Call of Duty franchise. But then again, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available on Mac, with it being one of the highest selling titles of the franchise for said platform.

The game’s setting has moved forward from WW2, and now is set in modern time. The game’s graphics are realistic not to mention gritty, with its single player campaign keeping you at the edge of your seat. Not only do you get to fight baddies across the globe, but you will be able to do so in the air and on land as well. If that is not enough, the multiplayer mode will definitely keep you entertained for hours on end.  

Mafia II (The Director’s Cut)

You will finally get to live as a gangster during the mid 1900s, with you rising through the ranks as Vito Scaletta. In order to become the head of the Mafia, you must prove what it takes to be an excellent marksman, a outstanding getaway driver and an unbreakable enforcer.

The game features an unforgettable soundtrack, reminiscing of the era the game takes place in. Also, with the Director’s Cut, you get the original game along with three additional expansions to give you true value for your money.

Mad Max

It is up for debate whether the Mad Max game is a prequel or a sequel to the film, which was released in 2015. Regardless of whether it is or not, the game will let you take up the role of Max Rockatansky.

You get to explore a post apocalyptic world, where you get to discover your car with the help of your aide, Chumbucket. At the same time, you get to enjoy some of the most exhilarating chase and action sequences, much like the films that came before. The plot may feel thin, but it will keep you entertained like never before.


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