Top 5 Mac Games for Kids 2018

When it comes to games for kids, there are two factors that need to be taken into account – the game must be easy and it should be suitable. Even though teenagers do not require a handicap, kids have a tough time playing complex titles. In this case, what is a parent with a Mac supposed to do? Actually, you can direct your child to the following 7 kids games for Mac.

1. Cut the Rope

The popular game for mobile is finally available on Mac. The premise of the game is really simple; you have to feed the adorable little monster by cutting the rope.

The game may seem like a piece of cake, but it gets tougher with new gameplay mechanics and levels. Cut the Rope manages to provide sufficient challenge to keep things interesting. Just like any other puzzle game, the game focuses on encouraging players to use their critical thinking skills. With its cartoonish graphics, the game makes an excellent title for kids as well as adults.

2. The Sims 2

The Sims franchise has been kid friendly from its inception. The games do deal with adult topics like work and relationships, but it is pretty hands off. The language is implied, meaning players can tell nothing more than whether a character is angry, sad or happy.

If the game is played as it was intended for kids, it is a blast to say the least. The Sims 2 is open ended, as adults can play it as a strategy game, while kids can design and create their own houses and do so much more. The game has plenty to offer, and it does not punish players for making wrong choices.

The Sims 2 does not come cheap, as the base game along with its expansions can cost quite a bit, but it is a fun game for kids that look forward to being adults in the real world.

3. The LEGO Franchise

Each and every game from the Lego franchise has been immediately ported to Mac as soon as it is released. At the moment, there are seven games in total available on the Mac App Store. The seven titles include LEGO Batman, two LEGO Star Wars and two LEGO Harry Potter games.

All games take place across different settings and environments, and offer the same RPG feel with a hint of adventure. Players have to do some platforming, solve puzzles and defeat enemies along the way. A majority of levels have bonuses and secrets that can be unlocked if played correctly. You can download this LEGO game from Mac App Store

4. Pinball HD

Pinball is beloved by just about everyone you can think of. It makes sense that Pinball HD is popular to this day, and it has more to do with the fact that it is challenging and incredibly fast paced, all the while being easy to understand.

When it comes to Pinball HD, it can easily be categorized as one of the best modern iterations of the game available on any platform. With its quick gameplay, unique tables and amazing graphics, it is a game that cannot be missed.

On the other hand, the developers behind this title also released War Pinball HD for Mac. The game is not violent, but it pays tribute to old action flicks, like those of Chuck Norris amongst many others.

5. Bastion

The action-based RPG is colorful, but it is the most violent of all games included on this list. Bastion is all about combat, which obviously means there is a lot of violence, which may not sit well with a lot of parents. But it is worth noting that the violence pertains to non-human enemies. Some references are made to drinking, but it is more or less about having potions for buffs. In other words, it is a dumbed down version of Blizzard’s Diablo franchise.

The game has plenty of content, but the skill required to make progress is what will prevent parents from buying this game. It is just not as accessible as other games for Kids on Mac. Bastion starts relatively easy, but it gets tougher along the way. With each new level new concepts are introduced, and they need to be mastered quickly in order to beat the game. These are just a few reasons why the game is recommended for older kids.

There are several more games for Mac that could have been included on this list, but not all of them are entirely fun to play. Rest assured, the ones mentioned above will prove to be excellent choices for your kids, who just want to get their hands on a game to pass time while you go about doing household chores.


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