Best Family Games for Mac 2018

Holiday seasons are just about to start, and you want to rekindle the bond between your family? Now might just be the time. When was the last time you all huddled up near the fireplace and shared intimate and fun moments together? Well, don’t worry. Download a family game which you and your kids can play together.

But, you’re wondering which will suit best for your needs? Look no further as I have assembled some of the top family games available on the Mac Store to make your holiday season a blast.

Top Games for You and Your Family on Mac App Store

Sudoku Deluxe

We all have played Sudoku puzzles in the entertainment section of the daily newspaper on Sunday afternoons. However, as technology overrules the market, the chances of solving puzzle games during breakfast having a cup of coffee becomes a rather cumbersome task. People have become more reliant and dependent on technology. This holiday season get yourself the Sudoku Deluxe game for your Macbook Pro. It may not be an aesthetically satisfying game, but it can sure create a sense of eagerness within your child when you play it around them. If you can just teach them the trick on how to solve this number puzzle game, you may end up solving the next puzzle with the whole bunch than rather alone.

Virtual Families

Do you want to capture the drama of real life on your virtual machine? Or even better, do you want your kids to understand the importance of families through a casual simulation game? Virtual families is one such game that functions in real-time. It has interesting features, a smooth gameplay where you start off as an individual adapting to social lifestyles in order to run a family. You can find the perfect girl, start dating, start a family and live it through. This game won’t only keep your kids busy, but may also help you in reigniting the romance back into your wife’s heart. You can solve hidden puzzles around the house, fully train your characters and tackle real life miseries all in one game.

Want to start a virtual family to regain your original family back! Sounds like an awesome bargain.

Relaxing Jigsaw Game

Weekends used to be interesting back in the 80s and 90s. Why? Because you had the chance to play jigsaw puzzles with your siblings, dad or grandad. If those days were awesome and fun loving then I am pretty sure you want the same for your kids too. Jigsaw Puzzle is not only a game but it is a mean to stimulate your mind. Relaxing Jigsaw is a game that allows you to solve puzzles in the blink of an eye. This game is interesting for all age groups as it uses high resolution images to resolve. With a soothing background music, and easy navigation, this game becomes an eye candy for all age groups. You can optimize the settings as preference range in between easy to hard.

Are your brain nerves racking to solve a puzzle game with your family? Download Relaxing Jigsaw Game as it is indeed one of the best on Mac App Store

Plant Tycoon

Do you have a thing for plants? If you do then Plant Tycoon is one such platform that provides you the liberty to grow as many plants as you want. The plants you will be growing in Plant tycoon won’t be just normal plants you see in everyday lives. Instead, you are going to plant some of the amazing wonders of the wilderness. These plants are not only going to be unique, but they are also going to be magical. To access the magical plants, the game requires you to solve puzzles. This game is an eye-candy for you and your kids to spend the holidays together as it encloses an element of surprise and experimentation for the whole family.

So, are you fond of plants and you want to see the same genes nurture into your own kin? Download Plant

100% Hidden Objects

You may find a number of hidden object games on the Apple store; but you may not be able to access a hidden object game such as the 100% Hidden Objects. This game introduces some of the most amazing sceneries to find hidden objects. This game is simply love as it not only allows you to feast on beautiful graphics, but also enable you to control your game experience in various game modes. Are you a fan of classical hidden object gameplay or do you often wish to find a way to vent out so you can spend time with your kids? 100% Hidden Objects is the perfect gaming solution which will buy you the perfect time with a fantastic gameplay.

Horse Park Tycoon

Do you like horses? Do you want to create your own horse stables and show them to your friends? Even better, do you want your kids to assist you in building the perfect horse farm for you? Horse Park Tycoon allows you to create the most wonderful and unique horse park in a virtual world. Here, you can connect with the whole world and explore how beneficial others can be for you. Connect with your friends and lend them a hand of help! Ask them for the same in return. This game contains a number of mini-games, amazing environments and more than 40 different breeds to play with.

If you think you have what it takes to create an amazing Horse Park! Then download Horse Park Tycoon only at the official Mac App store

Farm Frenzy 3: Ancient Rome

Farms are not always interesting, but they sure look interesting when you have them on your Macbook. You can set a virtual environment that allows you to create farms in ancient times of Rome. Scarlet is a woman waiting for her husband to return back home. While, her husband is away, it is her task to look after the animals and crops within the farm. Your task is to assist Scarlet in achieving all that, side by side, fulfilling the requests of other soldiers walking into the city. Scarlet make sures that everyone walks away happy with their baskets filled.

Will you help Scarlet with her farm and fulfilling requirements for her customers? If you are in for the show, then download Farm Frenzy 3 from the official Mac App Store.

Concluding Verdict

Family games help you get reunited with your kins. It not only helps you to reconnect, but also allows you to have fun. When was the last time you and your family sat together and had a few laughs? Because in the end, you will always remember just one thing! For you, your family should always come first. Try taking some time out from your busy schedule! Spend some time with your family. Try to reignite the flame once again. It’s not that hard, after all.


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