Best Board Games for Mac 2018

Board games can be seen played by cultures and societies as we descend down the ladders of historical timeline. It has not only been considered a tool of entertainment, but has also benefited individuals in polishing their analytical and logical skills. In fact, history reveals significance of board games addressing a time when matters of war were simply discussed on winning or losing a game of Chess.

As we step and enter into the world of technology, the use of traditional practices including games have significantly minimized. Smartphones and Laptops have now become the new norm of the society. You may have heard the phrase:

If you can’t take the Gold to the King, then bring the King to Gold itself”

In all this hustle and bustle of busy life, Mac has found a way to engage individuals once again with exciting board games. Here is a list of some of the trending board games on Mac.

Trending Board Games in Year 2018 for All Mac Users


Dominoes is one of the most widely accepted board games which dates back to the Chinese traditional history. The game is based on tiles divided in half. Each half contains dotted patterns representing a number value between 0-6. The board is set with joining tiles of similar number patterns creating a long chain of dominoes. If the number on either side of the chain fails to appear on the player’s slate, they may require to make a domino draw from the boneyard. The one who empty out his slate first with reaching 150 points! Becomes the winner of the game.

Domino is an interesting play! If you are good with matching number patterns, then you will definitely enjoy playing Dominoes. Download Dominoes on Apple Mac Store for FREE.


One of the many well recognized ancient board game is Mancala. Mancala is a marble drop turn based game where players are urged to pick marbles from cavities provided on either side of the board. The end task is to fill the six holes provided in front of each player and the marbles are circulated counter-clockwise. When all the six holes are filled with the desired number of marbles available on either side of the ancient board, the game reaches an end. If your number of holes hold greater number of marbles compared to your opponent, you win the game.

Are you fond of playing marble pick/drop games? Are you interested in playing what the ancients once used to play? Download Mancala from Mac App Store as it is absolutely FREE.

iChess 3D

As Chess gained fame in the early 1200s within Europe, it was not long until Chess reached Italy and Spain. In today’s world, every other person has access to a smart technology and Chess becomes a state of the art game for everyone. If you are good with moving Knights and Bishops, spawns and castles, then Apple presents you a stunning 3D solution for this board game. iChess is perfected to deliver amazing aesthetics to its users. The AI may not be as challenging as professionals may be! But, all in all, iChess 3D really keeps the game interesting.

If you want your castles to spot out the King on the opposing team, you can download iChess 3D from Apple Mac App store.


Reversi is one game that is quick, fast paced and interesting. It challenges your logic on building a 5×5 chain of either white or black pieces in a row, horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The player who creates the first chain wins. The board has an 8×8 structured 64 tile system where players simultaneously make their moves one after another until one of them makes the first chain of 5. In case if the pieces are fixed in such a way that neither of the player wins the game is then considered a draw. Reversi is one of the old culture board games which is privileged.

If you believe you can counteract your opponent with a successful 5×5 chain on the go! Now might just be the time to give this game a try. Download it from Mac App Store

Seven Seas Solitaire

Solitaire is an old card game where you are tasked to arrange cards in complete set of suites. But Seven Seas adds a bit of a twist to your Solitaire, you are a Navy captain who have just returned home to find out that the pirates have kidnapped your wife. Your task is to set sails once again into the oceans in order to rescue her. To do so, you will have to Play Solitaire and clear 300 different levels only this time you have the liberty to use power ups and upgrades. Embark on this amazing journey and be prepared to discover one surprise after another.

Do you have what it takes to be the perfect Solitaire Sailor? Do you think you can rescue the Captain’s wife? If yes, then download Seven Seas Solitaire only at Mac App Store.

Mr. Word

So what makes Mr. Word any different than other scrabble games? Well, for starters, Mr. Word is designed to be an AI intelligent bot which precisely interacts and play the game with you like a real life human being. And with the new update, you can now even chat with Mr. Word. Set the difficulty level of the game from Easy, Medium to Hard and watch Mr. Word play his turn accordingly. Easy mode will give you more time to think and will train Mr. Word to play easy words while the Hard mode will enable him to play difficult vocabularies which can become a bit challenging. Mr. Word also spell checks for you and notifies if you are using them incorrectly.

Are you bored during the late hours of the day and you really wish to spend some time with your device? Then Mr. Word can help you achieve that.

Hoyle Classic Board Game Collection

Hoyle has retained its name since a decade and a half. It was initially introduced on the Windows OS as a group of board games. Apparently, Hoyles is not a single board game but it is a platform which provides a user to select from a range of board games. It contains all the basic ones including Mahjong tiles, Reversi, Dominoes, Snakes and Ladders, Checkers, Chess and just about any other board game you can think of. What’s the best part about Hoyles? It is the cute animated graphic the game incorporates and the range of interactive display pictures.

If you wish to download a whole pack instead of one, Hoyle Classic Board Game Collection can be a complete package for you. Though, you will only be limited to play with bots and single rounds.

Personal Verdict

Research proves that today, Board games contribute in young minds to show considerable improvements surrounding skills such as basic comprehension, numerical calculations, sharpening memory, recognizing patterns and quick counting. Board game practices contributes in fine tuning mental skills and overall provides in-depth understanding on rules of engagement.

Board games, as we perceive, are not only tools of entertainment but they also polishes our brain. If you haven’t got one on your Mac, then now is the time. Grab one for yourself and start tuning brain cells 🙂


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