Best Action Games for Mac of 2018

Why do you play action games? Is it the thrill of observing that tragically beautiful end a hero must face at the end of each storyline? Or is it the adrenaline rush you crave at all times while slicing, shooting or casting magic spells repeatedly? Whatever may the underlying cause be, an action game guarantees you experience a breathtaking moment of your life!

As the phrase speaks for itself:

“Why live a hero once? When you can live as heroes every day”

Do you want to embark a journey! Assembled below is a list of some of the top action games fully compatible on Mac. Take your time and make your pick! Play one or play them all, the choice is yours.

Max Payne 3

Max Payne 3 is an action packed thriller which came out 9 years after the release of the second episode in the Max Payne series. This is a third person shooter game based on a vigilante who goes fanatical after the brutal murder of his beloved wife and daughter. The new series introduces Max as a private agent as continuation of his services to the Federal department after 9 years to the incident. The game has gained significant fame over time because of its in-depth detailing. The developers have designed the whole map of Sao Paulo and matched maximum similarity to each specific location.

Max Payne 3 was released on the Mac OS X back in 2013. It also includes an online multiplayer mode with support up to 16 players. You can now download Max Payne 3 on Mac App Store just for $19.99.

Star Wars: Knight of the Republic

It’s time! You are called upon to save the Galaxy. You, in collaboration with your team of freedom fighters, take on an epic adventure against the merciless forces of the Evil Sith. Are you a worthy Jedi warrior? Can you master the ultimate power of the Force? This role-playing game is an epic experience for hardcore Star Wars fan. The Star War: Knight of the Republic is an extremely immersive, action packed, highly customizable game. You can create a party of three and take on seven different worlds.

Do you have what it takes to save the Republic? Or are you going to banish the Galactic Empire into the void of the dark side. Download Star Wars at Mac App Store for just $9.99 to embark a breath-taking journey in space.

XCOM Enemy Unknown – Elite Edition

If you are into turn-based strategy games then XCOM Enemy Unknown Elite Edition aims to give you a mind stimulating gaming experience. This game is designed with accuracy and perfection to amalgamate global strategy with unique role playing. The game is set in an environment of alien invasion where you become the defender of planet Earth. It is now your responsibility to strategize an effective route and battle down invading alien forces. Some game reviews spotlights that the game can become a little challenging due to mysterious pandemonium created by civilians and limited government budget resources, but all in all, which game results as entertaining, if they aren’t challenging enough.

Are you up for overcoming the alien invasion? If your answer is yes, go ahead and download the application from Mac App Store for just $34.99.


Superhot is a strategy based first person shooter game. Specifically designed as a shoot to kill game, Superhot is unique because the game environment progresses with the movement of the character. The game revolves around a minimalist art style where weapons are in black, enemies are in red and the rest of the environment is perfectly toned in grey and white. Its unique functionality of time progression is what makes Superhot a one of a kind FPS/Strategy. Superhot is now available on Mac OS X and a rebuilt version of the game also supports Virtual Reality (VR).

An expansion of the game is expected to be released later in 2018 known as the Superhot: Mind Control Delete. You can download Superhot on Mac App Store.

Witcher 2: The Assassin of Kings

Become a deadly assassin trained to annihilate dangerous beasts and mutated monsters. But wait! Geralt has been charged with conspiracy and assassination of a King! The days of monsters lurking the city have now long gone, when the monsters have emerged in the faces of humans among own kin. It is time that Geralt, accused of a murder, should delve into one of the finest role-playing environment with a well-crafted story line. In Witcher, your decisions matters, the path you choose, the people you befriend with and the communities you engage in.

Kill Monsters, feel intrigued and induce yourself in this politically twisted game of the year. Witcher 2: The Assassin of Kings is now available on Mac App Store for only $19.99.

Trine 2

Trine 2 is a continuation of the original version of Trine. The story unfolds as the three heroes continue their journey ahead in a fairy tale world. The game is not only entertaining, but it also challenges your brain as you will have to solve physics based puzzles in order to progress within the game. You can play three various roles at the same time and overcome obstacles on different levels of the game. The game is created on a side scrolling platform and is one of the iconic games of its type. Take on the goblin armies in a world untold with Amadeus, Pontius and Zoya. Combine Magic and might with a tinge of cunningness to make your way through high towers and trees. Experience a scenario, one you may never forget.

Trine 2 is developed by Frozenbyte and was released on Mac OS X in 2011. This game is available on the Mac App store for only $14.99.

Deer Hunter Reloaded

Deer Hunt is once again back on the Mac Store with a new sequel, Deer Hunter Reloaded. This game is one of the most authentic hunting simulation games which work best in real-time. The game is set to take down deer and other animals in the wilderness of North America. Compared to the previous version, this version includes X-Ray vision, Slow Motion bullet piercing effects, movement between vantage points and in depth player avatar customization. You can complete as many challenges as you want and ultimately take home the best trophies to create your own trophy shelf within the app.

Are you thrilled to take some real deer kill shots? Are you willing to go on a hunting spree? Then look no further than the ultimate Deer Hunter Reloaded. You can download it from the Mac App Store, absolutely free.

Real Boxing

Design your own custom boxers and put them in close combat with other champions. Real boxing enables you to load your character with expert moves. It gives a specific in-depth detail to each of their punch. So, whether you are going for a jab or a hook, in Real Boxing, you take down your opponent in the most visually stunning and cinematic way ever. The game play is pretty immersive and you get real time 3D stunning graphics with precise detailing on your character. It is a multiplayer game and you can also integrate a controller on your Mac device to play with.

If you are planning to knock a few champs down, Real Boxing is your thing. Download it from the Mac App Store, the application is absolutely free.

So whether you wish to explore magical universes of Trine and Ray-man or you wish to save them from invasions of dark forces and aliens, one way or another, the journey awaits to welcome you and take you through the spirals of wondrous adventures. If you haven’t considered delving in one yet, now just might just be the time.  Do you like something, make your way to the Mac App store and purchase it now!


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  • Mac McAhren

    Superhot is not free – $24.99

    • Sunyyan Junaid

      Yes, true. It’s been updated, though I think.


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