Word Wow – Help a Worm Out – MacOS Game Review

Word Wow – Help a Worm Out – MacOS Game Review

Genre: Games

Developer: DonkeySoft Inc.

Size: 36.3 MB

Version: OS X 10.6 or later

In-App Purchase: no

Last Updated: 07 May 2017

Version Of App: 2.0.0


Consider supreme authority over your vocabulary? If that so, it is time to put your vocabulary the test. Word Wow – Help a Worm Out is simply an amazing game with some exceptional features that will not only add some fun to your daily life but will test your knowledge of words to the extreme. It looks pretty simple but what adds intrigue to it is the time limit. So in order to succeed, you need to make as many words possible before the time runs out. This game is just like the name suggests Wow. Score the perfect three-star rating and unlock new and exciting challenges on your way. The challenges are not just interesting and hands-on with some extremely handfull learning experience but are also very tough. You choose what you want to be, and this game is something you must give a try and test your inner-geek.

The developers of the game have invested not much but valuable time in developing this perfect remedy for your boredom. Playing it on the phone is exciting, but on your mac, it becomes even more attractive. It’s the pressure of the clock that keeps on ticking that add value to the game, and you also have to prove your vocabulary. The game has some interesting levels added, and now you can make as many words possible so stating it as a complete entertainment package is being modest. Word Wow- Help the worm out is simply a fantastic game to have on your Mac.


Word Wow – Help a worm out is a game comprised of different levels and to go along, you’ll have to surpass each level as only then the next level will unlock. However, each level has its challenges, and a series of challenges makes the route more challenging for you. Each level is different from another which makes the game more exciting and don’t let you get bored. To get the worm to the bottom, you need to make sure that the words made are correct and you are clearing levels at three stars rating. The clicking is ticking and time is running out to move your brain faster.


The game has some profoundly valuable features to look upon.

  • 140,000-word dictionary
  • Fast action
  • 140 Levels and seven distinct worlds
  • Bonus levels for collecting all gems in each world
  • Lots of replay value as you try to compete with others for the best ranking in the world!


The game is simple to set up for you to make words and the player aims at making words that will help a worm get out. So saving the worm is the main aim of the game but hold on, there’s much more to it. Make words and save the worm seem so soothing but don’t forget you are time bound and the apple lurking will explode if the time runs out. So what you’ll have to do? Make words and clear the blocks, as they will make way for the worm. Making room for the worm is an essential part of the game, and the whole focuses should not just be on making words but those words that can make room for the worm and help him move.

Another exciting part of the game is the limitation added to three letter words. As you’ll make a letter, it will turn green if it matches the vocabulary of the game. Even if the word turns red and isn’t recognized by the game vocabulary, you don’t need to fret as you can always undo it with just a single click. The gameplay is as simple as you can expect, but you can always have to carry dictionary handy actually to cross the levels as they are tough and challenging.

In case you find letters that are blocking the way for you and the worm as they don’t make sense or any word, don’t worry, just drag the bomb to the letters and let them explode. The path will be cleared for the worm. Bombs are part of the game but to insert a little fringe to it, you are only exposed to a limited number of bombs, but with the option to buy more, you can add more bombs by purchasing them using the earned coins. Afr the completion of every level you will receive a number of coins that will help you out during the game. As the levels get tougher, these coins will come in handy.

In-App Purchases

The coins will be very useful during the game especially during the tougher levels, but if you ran out of coins and needed resources urgently, you can use real money to purchase the coins immediately. You can buy as many coins as possible and also avail the different discount offer available. Make sure you are getting the best value for money, and the payment methods are also safe and secure.

Graphics and Sound Effects

Word Wow –Help a Worm out is simply an amazing game with exceptionally brilliant graphics. The interface of the game is designed brilliantly and is soothingly elegant and colorful. The visual effects are one of the best you may witness today. The gameplay becomes perfect for the players with extremely amazing sound effects and tunes. The visuals and the sound effects keep the player hooked for long and didn’t let them get bored.

Bottom Line

Go and get your hand on Word Wo- Help a Worm out. Make as many words possible, collect as many coins as you can by getting a three-star rating and collect as many bombs you need but don’t forget to make room for the worm. The game is one hell enjoyment ride designed for the ultimate geeks who love to test their ability. Not the expensive, the game is a must try.