Osmos – MacOS Game Review

Osmos – MacOS Game Review

Genre: Games

Developer: Hemisphere Games In

Size: 20.7 MB

Version: OS X 10.6.0 or later

In-App Purchase: yes

Last Updated: Nov 22, 2012

Version Of App: 1.8


If we have to sum up Osmos in just one word – Outstanding it is. Well, the game has gained some very positive reviews since its inception and has attracted many, the dynamic design and the brilliant gameplay to be given credit. People loved the PC version of the game, and the same goes for iPad, and there’s no different when it comes to Mac. The game impressively provides a different and improved feel when on Mac. The game offers a challenge, but there isn’t any penalty for that sense as it isn’t punishing at all.


It all starts with a mote which is in your complete control as you maneuver the moves. A mote is comprised of an orb of primordial soup that extends by absorbing motes relatively smaller. Well, to move the mote you need to click on the opposite side or in the opposite direction of the side you need to move. As you will go ahead and make this move tiny bubbles will start to appear creating ooze as these are ejected as you move in the different direction. These bubbles can be picked to gain mass later in the game. This is the heart of Osmos, so you need to be quite careful while blasting. Since too much blast means you are weak and will become easy prey for other larger motes.

Also, you need to move because if you don’t, you’ll be eaten up by other motes. So all in all, the survival chances are quite low, and the options are quite limited. To enjoy your ride, you need to make sure that pretty colors don’t let you doze much and you can’t relax in the moment of disappearing or with the glance of haunting electronica. But one interesting feature of the game allows you to be stronger as you can manipulate time.

Well, later on in the Osmos, you’ll be staring down at hungry motes as this ability to manage time will serve as your savior. You need to flick the screen a bit as it will make the time move slower and you can be more precise, indeed escaping or gobbling other motes relatively smaller. But this isn’t it. Slo-mo is not the only option in Osmos to be exact. You’ll be surprised at what the game has to offer as you move on. Well, it’s a game you need to download now.  


There aren’t any specific characters in the game, but the puzzle effect of the game won’t let you fall prey to it, but it will surely lull you. The game has so much to offer that we sometimes feel that what exactly the developers of this game will come up with in the future.


The gameplay is designed in a manner that it creates the urge for the person handling the controller. Though it seems bit relaxing, eating up motes in an open space and it surely will get obsolete with time, but the different stages of Osmos will surely test the way you usually play. You don’t agree with me? Well, we’ll be expecting comments when you’ll be at solar stage. Expelling matter at orbital path may seem easy, but you have to extra careful there otherwise you can swing your trajectory into the wall right away. Also, there’ll be multiple arcs, immovable motes and much more which make things interesting there. Every stage in Osmos is challenging, but a fun-filled ride and that keeps the game more engaging and fresh at every level.

While playing Osmos on your Mac, you’ll feel the glazing effect of the game and will witness the simplicity yet beautiful ambiance that it creates. Sometimes, the minimal approach is enough to create an achingly beautiful game. The patterns of the game, the color-contrast and the aesthetic appeal of the game are so soothing and delightful that you’ll be eager to stay connected for long. Not just the game itself but the playing pattern is lovely along with speed. Sometimes it goes faster but after eating up a bunch of motes, the pace tends to decline. Rest, you figure it out yourself.

Graphics and Sound Effects

The color contrast and the artistry of the game are simply amazing and worth recalling. But what delights more is the soundtrack. It is so amazingly matched that it increases the presence of the game. Playing the game on your Mac makes them feel even more satisfying and creates such a soothing ambiance for the player that they fall prey to its authenticity. Talking about the sound, again it’s just brilliant, and the electronic soundtrack is composed brilliantly matched with the color coordination. However, we would suggest playing the game with headphones so that the feel of the game can be enjoyed.

Bottom Line

It is the best-puzzled game available for Mac so far and has the right set of actions to get attracted to. So much the ambient feel to offer along with the aura of the game that it never let the players go out of the script.

The touch controls allow the players to stay connected to the game and make the experience worth remembering. It is once challenging but simple idea to feel. If you haven’t played the game yet, then you are missing something amazing.