Limbo – MacOS Game Review

Limbo – MacOS Game Review

Genre: Games

Developer: LIMBO ApS / Playdead ApS

Size: 87.1 MB

Version: OS X 10.6 or later

In-App Purchase: no

Last Updated: 16 October 2013

Version Of App: 1.1


Limbo is truly a special game as it depicts the true essence of that mysterious dimensions that you may well gather in your mind. The game is simple in its feel the boy who wakes up in a dark world of black and white only with the shades of gray. A simple tasks is waiting for you as you move from left to right jumping over the obstacles in the initial stage. A very little attention is required for this but its only for you to absorb the surroundings completely. An illusion of depth, that’s what the background scores suggests but the out of focus branches, and bridges take you to the feel as you are dreaming.   

The pint-sized hero nearly six years old with charming ganglines trot ahead, and his blackened silhouette makes his block shining eyes more appealing. And suddenly appears the death. Well, this seems interesting and haunting at the very moment as Limbo is created as a hostile place where the giant spiders are fed and left to you, and the tarp includes some really dangerous and daunting denizens. A claw trap closes around your neck, and you lay still after wobbling for a while as your head falls. That’s it with no music, no tears – simple plain demise and no honor for your demise. The game is very hostile regarding gestures. There will be instances which aren’t common, but everything for the first in the game is meant to be trial and tested. The game is very short load time but serves checkpoints frequently. So, death isn’t frustrating but shocking.


The game is completely a horror show as you will witness some pacing issues in the start, but you are not alone in the game. You may encounter different children, who aren’t very happy with your arrival in the first half of the game. These fascinating creatures will be there for a while. As you move ahead for the second half of the game, you’ll be placed in an industrial area where the puzzles become complicated but interesting. Though the emotional connection breaks in this half due to the absence of other life forms, it continues to be engaging. The ending is fascinating. However, it could have been better with a climax as you move ahead in the second half conquering increasingly dastardly puzzles, and that’s it. The journey ends here.

There’s a lot of dying in the game, but this isn’t frustrating at all. It’s a trail-and-death game so as you will find frequent deaths in the forest. Obstacles are placed there killing you instantly in a horrible manner. A bear trap to decapitate a young boy? That’s shocking indeed. Well, that’s not over as you recommence from the trap immediately figuring out the ways to get around it.  The game is engaging and designed cleverly as you will need to end it in a one go.


As the protagonist journey move ahead across different locations throughout the game Limbo’s environments changes. It has to be a very strict play for the player through every environment without any loading screens or pauses. The different environments that the player go through in Limbo include:

  • The Forest
  • Wasteland
  • The Caves
  • The Hotel
  • Industrial Mill
  • Secret Underground Level  


The game is subjected to be a trail-and-death puzzle, but a surprise is waiting for the player every next door. Based on the puzzle platform, Limbo is simply with its gameplay as only two keys are an essential one to make the boy jump and the other for rest of the actions. These actions may include pulling boxes, pushing buttons, or lever pulling. The boy has very little movement as he can jump, raise and lower himself from platforms, use the ropes in the environments and take a swing, drag the boxes, or climb ladders. The players frequently die in the game as the description of the game suggests but its essential to understand the puzzle.

Graphics and Sound Effects

Despite the lack of story, the game succeeds in developing a strong connection with the player. There isn’t much of the text or dialogue in the game with very less explanation, yet the dark and white background makes everything fascinating and creepier. The developers have gone for smooth animations and make it a necessity to listen carefully for the clues. The sound effects set the mood perfectly, and the astonishing sound design makes the eerie display complete. Though, the soundtrack inst in the traditional sense but the ambient noises set the feel right instilling a dreadful sense.

Bottom Line

It is very certain to state that its an icnreadible achivement to get across Limbo. It is very rare to find game equally original, atmoshperic and brilliant consistently and Limbo delivers the blend perfectly. It surely is a must play but tends to end qucikly. Despite the short journey, the game is throughly entertaining with an affordable price tag associated.