Lego Jurassic World – MacOS Game Review

Lego Jurassic World – MacOS Game Review

Genre: Games

Developer: Feral Interactive Ltd

Size: 14.31 GB

Version: OS X 10.9.5 or later

In-App Purchase: no

Last Updated: Aug 12, 2015

Version Of App: 1.0.2


Being a Lego fan and wishing to have cinematic experience is just an old prone game as Lego Jurrasic World brings you the best cinematic experience to witness. Dinosaurs, we all know how impactful have been especially among kids for past three decades and questioning Lego’s credibility to add excitement is a waste of time. However, the combination took no less than three decades to happen, but finally, an interactive on-screen adventure is out there to grab. Based on the series of four movies, Lego finally decided to align with the fictional destructive creatures and design a complete package. This may however not be the best Lego-branded game ever produced, but it definitely excites the fans. The idea as old as dinosaurs as the developers of the game, TT Games have been busy in experimenting such ideas since 2005, but it still contains the charm just like the pre-historic creatures.

The high-budget games based on cinematic experience have always been a roller coaster ride, but with Lego Jurassic World, the developers have focused more towards making the design kid-friendly and avoiding the existing conflicting philosophies. Cinematic experience along with sprawling makes Lego Jurrasic World an enticing experience on your Mac. Well, this game may bring some of the most exciting elements as you can create any character by destroying any character and rebuilding it to gain more adventures. This puzzled-adventurous ride gives you every chance to explore and dig more and more about the movie, and every character that has appeared in the movies is at your disposal. But the game also forces you to do some boring stuff on several occasions that may hamper your joy.

The game has everything to excite you and gives you an experience worth remembering, but one thing is just too hard to ignore. The game provides you with the best cinematic experience at times but will also be stuffing you at different points that question the adaptability of the game. Secondly, the ideas haven’t been worked on properly as little or no resembles from the movies can be found at various points. Nonetheless, it took Lego over three decades to bring such an exciting package for the kids and this may worth a chance.


The game has some mind boggling features just for say any character that has even uttered a word in the movie or has appeared in the movie, for instance, is available in the game and can be unlocked. Be it dino-0raggling or that annoying kid, no matter how long or short the character is, the game offers you everything. The gameplay is just too exciting and what’s next, tried and tested by Lego itself. Now, this makes the game even more attractive. You can also build your own dinos which is one worth remembering feature of the game but not just that. The dinos can be controlled completely by the creator. So, here you go with full powers. The game design is very smart, and especially while playing on Mac, it enhances the experience for the player and may not provide the real feel but create a sense of urge and intrigue. Also, the laughter packages embedded in the game don’t let you fall apart. However, this puzzled-adventurous ride does not cater in the interesting cast, and the chases are also tiresome which adds an annoying element to the game. Also, the sound quality does not go well fails to meet the actual movie sound.


There are a large variety of characters in LEGO Jurassic World. And you’ll get by playing the various stories of Jurassic with lego bits. The 11 classes is now currently available in this game.

  • People
  • Dinosaurs
  • Vehicals
  • Custom Characters


Lego Jurrasic world may not be the best of the games introduced by Lego, but we would love to give developers credit for being smart in using some exciting sequences from the movies and using them brilliantly in the game for solving the puzzles. Well, the game offers width at occasions but handling the verdict, the gameplay isn’t exciting consistently. Some areas need to be worked upon which may improve the experience. Sometimes, just to fill the space, open world bits were created which is entirely unnecessary, and it apparently gives the feel that it’s been added just to space things out. Sequences to collect power-ups were also irrelevant such chase sequences offered no value. Also, these chase sequences provide very less time to look at the items and select what to miss and what to grab.

This may seem exciting offered once or twice, but tapping, again and again, is just too much.

Graphics and Sound Effects

The graphics tend to fill the Lego’s legacy as the developers have worked extremely well in creating a right balance between the images and made sure that it also compels a great mixture of Lego and those used in the movie. However, the sound and audio appear to be a critical issue overall as it occasions it does not go well with the characters and is unable to create the feel just like the movie.

Bottom Line

Lego Jurrasic World cannot be considered a milestone and surely isn’t a high point in the series, but it’s still far better and exciting than the previous installment of the series, Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. Despite the absence of aliens and to some extent a boring and dull cast, Lego has been able to deliver what really goes with Lego, awesome co-op gameplay, good laughter packages, a complete fun ride and the engaging puzzle experience.