GRID 2 Reloaded Edition – MacOS Game Review

GRID 2 Reloaded Edition – MacOS Game Review

Genre: Games

Developer: Feral Interactive Ltd

Size: 6.71 GB

Version: OS X 10.9.2 or later

In-App Purchase: no

Last Updated: Dec 20, 2014

Version Of App: 1.0.2


Race Driver: Grid was released some time ago, with the Mac version releasing not so long ago. The game was undoubtedly timeless, but it came to a point where it needed to be updated. With the multiplayer servers shutting down for good and cars becoming outdated, it only made sense that Codemasters come up with a sequel. The real obstacle was for Codemasters to make a game that outdid its predecessor.

Enter Grid 2; not entirely an overhaul of the game, but it does come with improvements that enhance the formula put forward by the first game. It is safe to say, the final product is amazing to say the least especially considering how small tweaks made a considerable difference enough to make Grid 2 yet another timeless classic.

The Story

The game revolves around you being a young, promising driver. You are recruited by an investor, Patrick Callahan, who wants you to take charge of setting up the WSR (World Series Racing). Through the game you will go head-to-head against some of the best drivers from the USA, Asia and Europe. Since travelling and racing in expensive cars does not come cheap, you will end up relying on Patrick Callahan for new cars. Strangely, winning races will not result in cash rewards, but you win fans instead. Basically, the goal is to win as many fans as you possibly can to help Patrick with the WSR become massively popular.

Once you start playing, you will come to realize the game is actually quite repetitive. You will drive and win races for new fans in order to move to the next event. But then again, there are those rare occasions where the career does become a little more interesting when ESPN started reporting on the events of the WSR.


Grid 2 is one of the best racing games out there for the Mac. Even though there are not many options to choose from in the first place, it steals the show due to it being accessible. You do not have to be a petrolhead to enjoy the game, which is what most racing game enthusiasts expect from such games.

The controls are simple for anyone to play. Where the game truly excels is by how it brings over the perfect balance of arcade and simulation from the previous game, improve and enhance it, thus making the game even more fun. Simply put, it is a perfect blend of F1 and Mario Kart.

When it comes to cars, you will have plenty of them to choose from. In fact, the Reloaded Edition already comes with all DLCs, meaning you will get access to new cars as well. Cars handle differently from each other; a lot of thought was put in the handling to serve different driving styles.

The tracks are smart, as you get penalized for going off track. Rather than penalizing you for going off track, your car will be out of commission for some time; the equivalent of the time that could have been gained by cutting a corner for instance.

The Multiplayer depends on Steam-play. It does support online multiplayer, but only for Mac to Mac. It is well executed and feels completely different from the single player game itself. There is a credit system which allows you to make further unlocks. The in-game chat is yet another handy feature that will add to the overall multiplayer experience.

Graphics & Sound

As great of a game Grid 2 is, it boasts superb graphics. Each car is accurately represented along with the tracks. While the sound design is an improvement from the previous game, as it lacked in many ways. The graphics and sound ensure the game feel realistic as it can.

Even though Codemasters may not have the budget to work with teams behind Need for Speed or Forza, it managed to do well with what it had. The graphics engine, third generation of EGO, does not lack in any way, making the game feel unique with its subtle touches like mist around trees. The sound design is impressive, as it responds to everything that happens in real-time.

System Requirements

  • Minimum System Requirements

OS: Mac OS X 10.9.4 or above
CPU: Core 2 Duo clocked at 2GHz or above
Graphics Card: Any graphics card with at least 256MB of VRAM


Grid 2 Reloaded Edition is a polished port for macOS. Feral Interactive has truly outdone itself in this regard.  Codemasters managed to do the unthinkable by delivering a game that outdoes its predecessor. There is no denying the fact Grid 2 will offer hours of gaming time. Even though the game does not have anything extraordinary, there are features that make it an excellent choice for people that need a racing game for their Mac.