Gone Home – MacOS Game Review

Gone Home – MacOS Game Review

Genre: Games


Size: 648 MB

Version: OS X 10.7 or later

In-App Purchase: no

Last Updated: Aug 15, 2013

Version Of App: 1.1


When it comes to telling a personal story in a compelling but fictional manner in a video game, there’s nothing better than Gone Home.  The game is framed as a mystery where the main character struggles to take care of the personal lives, thanks to the extreme risks the story holds but albeit the risk, the character finally succeeded. And the credit goes to the exceptional storyboarding a smart story-driven approach feeds that and complimented greatly by the excellent design and architecture.

There have been many games that have tried and failed to tell a story of hardships, values, personal bonding family, but Gone Home is bit different and exciting. It gives you a strong reason why you’d prefer going ahead especially when the main character of the game finds a note at the main door, stating “you should not search for your kid sister, Sam.”

Having said that, the game gives you the right idea to go ahead with your chase and start the search by grabbing all the clues. The puzzles structured emphatically and impressively that creates the intrigue and urges you to go ahead.

Searching for your sister in your own house (technically)? Well, this may sound the creepiest reason to dig your own house, but that’s where the game offers the true mystery. Entering into an empty house and start searching for the clues, the mystery is set entirely with the player getting the chance to get acquainted with their own family members. However, at some points, you may feel the quitting some segments especially those that you have witnessed as you grew up but once again thanks to the brilliantly structured script that has placed the things so perfectly. Also, the freedom to pick things and manipulate them as per your use makes the game more intriguing

You room around the house, searching your parents’ bedroom and at each accomplishment, you find contended. While searching around, you discover that you were the studious child as you witness different trophies and awards adhered on the walls of your house. Well at some points, you may feel like why the heck you are digging in your own room, but then again, the story and mystery is placed to that you don’t focus out brilliantly. All the other stuff you check out is necessary, but you can lose the fact that the story is revolving around finding Sam.  


The game is so perfectly timed and placed that you may sometimes wonder why the game developers took so long in developing such an exceptional game. Games featuring ghosts and mystery often tend to be annoying at times and reveals so much even in the start, but Gone Home is different in this regard. The compelling storytelling of the game is a most profound feature of the game that keeps the intrigue and guides you through. Though, at times you may witness some repetitive elements like the tissue box starts to appear again and again but again the paranormal feel makes you forget about such flaws. The game has the alien effect as you will find objects lurking around, but the vibrant atmosphere of the game guided you rightly through and kept the focus straight. It’s just like another game about normal lives, but the exceptional writing makes it the most interesting and compelling for the player and makes it a must play.


Christmas Duck: Christmas Duck or you may say the Good ol’ Christmas Duck that yearn the attic is found sitting on the entryway in the game.

Janice Greenbriar: The mother of Samantha and Kaitlin who works of the State Forestry services does not have much to play in the game.

Kaitlin Greenbriar: The elder daughter of Janice and Terrence was away to Europe on vacations and comes back after a year to find out about the house her parents brought.

Lonnie DeSoto: She was Samantha’s senior at the new school when the family decides to move at the Arbor Hill.

Oscar Masan: He is the guy who left the house for Terrence at the Arbor Hill after his death.

Samantha Greenbriar: The main character of the game and youngest daughter of Greenbriar family who goes missing in the new house.  

Terrence Greenbriar: A struggling fictional author and the father of Samantha and Kaitlin. He often contributed to a home theater magazine.  


The game offers a great intrigue and mystery as you arrive back home from a year long trip and what else you’d expect from your family, to greet you. Well, guess what? You find that the family is missing and obviously, something is not right. You start searching for your family members especially your younger sister, Sam. Meanwhile, you inspect every part of the house, examine different objects before you conclude. Interrogating every detail about the house and people who use to love in this house makes Gone Home an interactive exploration simulator. It’s an interesting plot to go with as you will roam around and search for clues but one thing that’s not lost in the game and that’s mystery.

Graphics and Sound Effects

The sound effects are exceptionally well, but the graphics tend of offer distraction at occasions but can be settled in the settings section. The thunderstorm outside the house creates a deadly feel and the sound effect along with the graphics play a vital role in cultivating such an interesting and rich environment. The art work is so good that it even persuade the player to grab objects bolted on the floor, even if they are of no use

Bottom Line

Gone Home is definitely must play, but it’s quite a short game and the price tag it carries is awful for such a short game. However, the story it takes and the excellent build up to the game is impressive and the intimate world you will witness will haunt you for a long time once you are over.