DiRT Showdown – MacOS Game Review

DiRT Showdown – MacOS Game Review

Genre: Action

Developer: Virtual ProgrammingLtd

Size: 6.76 GB

Version: OS X 10.9 or later

In-App Purchase: no

Last Updated: Nov 30, 2016

Version Of App: 1.1.5

Note: This game is currently not available on App Store.


Dirt Showdown is way more different than the traditional racing games out there. The vision that was there while developing this game has made this one of the most encouraged games for those fond of racing. Incredible drifts, screaming doughnuts, bouncy jumps and the extraordinary firework is truly something new in the racing tradition. A thrilling arcade ride with crowds roaring, windscreen shattering, bumpers crumbling, and much more. The game asks you for pyrotechnic-laden displays of driving complimented with showmanship and skillful precision. The urge is huge, and the game is an intoxicating mix that does not let the players satisfy early.   

The previous versions were just too fantastic, but Dirt Showdown is different in many regards. Surprisingly, in this version of the game handling is forgiving. Now, you can go all around whipping your car even in the tightest of the corners, and you don’t need to rest the accelerator, and even the most dramatic twirls don’t play much of a role now as they used to send you to straight towards barriers. You have complete control over the steering wheel, but still, the game needs a balance. You have to be incredibly brilliant with your timing while making a turn. Controlling the brake and making the drifts is where the skill test arise and how you are a showstopper in doughnut rings. Such a dramatic feel it is, but events at hands are there as you lend beautifully to those.


The game is composed of multiple different events, each having its speciallty and need making the game tougher and beautiful at the same time. The Hoonigan events require the real test of showmanship as it’s all about showing precision but in licensed cars.  Smash Hunter arranges destructible blocks to see if you are good at delicate turns and can make drifts in tight areas. It rewards you for that, but a timer is placed that keeps the pressure on and don’t let you speed down. In the Trick Rush, drifts, doughnuts, and jumps are scattered all over smartly, and the environment is designed in such a manner which makes the event more tougher. Every trick rewards you with your multiplier reaching the limit, and you end up a collecting a whole lot of points before the timer runs down.

The Gymkhana events send you in a challenging situation with Ken Block in an arena filled with tricks. The pyrotechnics become even wilder, the jumps start to appear higher, and the turns become tighter. But while the bright, neon fireworks and explosive confetti cannons certainly add excitement to the proceedings, it’s the process of improving bit by bit, drawing ever closer to success.

The Demolition events are far more satisfying for those who wish for destruction, and this side o Dirt Shadow is just enthralling. You can ditch your licensed cars for machines made for destruction and turned a heap of scrap. Taking this heavy machinery along you bump into your opponents into the center of the arena and what follows is amazing.

Ram-slam is just a word to describe the event, but you can do anything to whittle your opponents down, taking down their health and securing points. You can ram your opponents in the enclosed arenas while you need to be perfect in open arenas as a mistimed boost while send you squirreling out of control and you’ll find yourself lurking in a sandy ground.


 The game has some extremely amazing features to ponder upon. Let’s have a look:

  • The risk involved is something new for an arcade game as most don’t tend to associate the terms with arcade racers, but Showdown has allowed smashing cars that are the real treat the game serves.
  • The stunning scenery of the game keeps the player intact and makes it look amazing during the monotonous rounds.
  • There are moments in the game where the debris crash and the exploding fireworks bring heart in mouth.
  • The destructive derby option is one hell of an o[ption to play which is fun as well.
  • The Sumo inspired mode is something new for racing fans as in this mode you need to push cars from a raised territory to claim the win. A nice idea which is worth exploring.
  • The Hoonigan mode previously known to be the Ken Block is back with a delightful new touch.


Things start pretty well in the game despite the frustrating assertiveness associated with the game. The Codemasters aesthetic is still there so there’s a [possiblity you might confuse Dirt Showdown with that as the presentation provides the same feel. The crashing options are there, and you can make transitions between the menu levels smoothly. Its bit slicker. The cars are detailed nicely, and as the race progress, they can accumulate muck and dust without any hurdle. Exploding fireworks makes the game outlook amazing, and the ragging environments with a vision are there to enhance the impact. The tracks are designed with destructible objects. It’s very easy to state that Codemasters has played with the reputation well preparing a nice game with strong visuals.

Graphics and Sound Effects

The visual of the game are extremely amazing especially the exploding fireworks but what stands out is the soundtrack. A decent soundtrack, meaty exhaust notes, and soothing audio, the game does not allow you to mute. Codemasters has played well with the audio presentation as you can only lower the commentary to 50% but you can completely mute the music. It’s very easy to state that with the vocab on low, you’ll be needing help from the dictionary to stay relax.

Bottom Line

The menu of the game seems bombastic that creates a heavy appeal for the game, but ultimately it’s a game with hints from its predecessors and some really destructive derbies to add on. It may seem interesting, but there are better options. However, Dirty Showdown deserves worth a while.