Contract Killer 2 – MacOS Game Review

Contract Killer 2 – MacOS Game Review

Genre: Action

Developer: Glu Games Inc

Size: 382 MB

Version: OS X 10.7 or later

In-App Purchase: yes

Last Updated: Jan 30, 2013

Version Of App: 1.0.1


Contract Killer 2 is just like its prequel where the intrigue remains apparent as the players once again adopt the role of a snipper with the main aim of snuffing high-value targets. With the objective of the game quite clear, the players will once again be enjoying the arcade nature of the game and wind or distance don’t have much role to play. Well, those fond of the first part will enjoy playing this one as well, equipped with more advanced graphics. All you need to is zoom in and take a good look at the bad guys, lining them up virtually and booming the bullets straight into their heads. As the red splashes start to appear, the players find themselves in a pleasant mood.

The experience is quite a bit similar to the previous one, but this part has more advanced weapons, injecting some new ones this time round. Also, the players will find some new toys to play with. The game appears to be kind of interesting at the start, but at some points, it starts losing the plot and players may find themselves in jeopardy, and that’s because the game drops the notion of the story completely. And that’s bit alarming especially for a bite-sized game storytelling whose structure is perfect. Anyhow, the game is still a far better choice than the mafia games driven by the menu. An excellent real-time action experience keeps the folks glued to it and urges them to explore more, though there isn’t much to explore.


Though the game starts bit explicitly and losses the carry out the same plot and interest, it has some interesting features to ponder upon. Those who have loved the first installment of the game will enjoy snipping the bad guys out this time round as well as the game has to offers more promising features in the prequel. Some of the many exciting features Contract Killer 2 has have been enlisted below. Glance at it and help yourself decide, when are you going to give it a try.

  • The experience is almost similar but this time round, but new weapons are available at players disposal, and they’ll be anxious to get their hands on them. Besides the weapons, the players will also find some new toys that’ll surely guide the players to a new level of excitement.
  • The map is bit different now as the players can see new locations added.
  • The best feature so far in the game that the prequel was unable to deliver is the silent takedowns. It is perhaps the best feature added to the game that will improve the ratings.
  • Using the weapons and blasting to the victory is easy but the developers have added a clock that’s constantly ticking. This increases the intensity of the game.
  • An improved UI design helps you get to the ease while swapping the weapons as its quite clean and clear.
  • Well-constructed characters and an exceptionally brilliantly composed high-fidelity experience make the game the best among the lot.
  • The details about the weapons guide players through and the audio is also impressively impactful.


  • Jack Griffin ( the protagonist): Jack Griffin, the main character of the game kidnapped at the age of 30 by Lacombe decides to be a contract killer. He, later on, forms a crew with Lacombe and Q Branch to become the best contract killer team in the world.
  • Sophie Lacombe (semi-protagonist): Lacombe serves as the briefer for Griffin guiding him throughout. She was kidnapped by Jamaicans but was rescued by Griffin and help him find the location.
  • Dmitry Kozlov: Kozlov appears to be Griffin’s friend until he discovers that Kozlov is using him. Kozlov discovers Jack’s secret and without wasting time reveals it to the world.
  • Sammy Wu: Sammy has been the real assassin. Hailing from the Chinese origin, he led the Dragon group and killed around 1000 people in just four days making him the most wanted guy.
  • The Triad: The Triad is one of the most powerful gangs in the series, holding a long history.
  • The (Russian) mafia: Led by Kozlov, the Russian Mafia is the main antagonist in both the parts of the game.
  • Philip Stark: Stark, a reporter for a news channel, holds a minimal role in the second part.

Game Play

The gameplay is quite realistic to the story it tries to tell which makes the game even more attractive. The game has a lot to offer with multiple weapons and different locations. Every new level serves the players with a new challenge as the players find a new contract at every new level and the landscapes, the appealing one tend to change at every level as well. Having said that, the game at some points fails to offer diversity and comes up with a repetitive feel. However, the game is quite basic when it comes to the system of points as the players can easily move from here to there and use the cursor and keys to go around. The challeng4es in the game appears to be a bit tougher as you can only win cash only if you complete the level. This means that tackling the enemies becomes much more challenging and turning the odds in your favor is just too hard.

Graphics and Sound Effects

One thing that the game leads out is the sound effects and the graphics used. The makers of the game made sure that the game does not clutch into the boring feel, to which the gra[hics and sound effects added occupy a lot of detail and are amazing.

Bottom Line

With an intriguing gameplay and improved audio effects, the game has a lot to offer and will surely grab the attention of the players in love of mafia games. However, a slight improvement is required in erasing the repetitive feel and making the storyline more attractive so that it does not lose the plot.