Civilization V – MacOS Game Review

Civilization V – MacOS Game Review

Genre: Games

Developer: Aspyr Media

Size: 5.09 GB

Version: OS X 10.8.5 or later

In-App Purchase: yes

Last Updated: 11 June 2015

Version Of App: 1.3.9


Civilization V is one of the best and the most attractive of all the Civilization series games developed by Firaxis games. Civilization V took you down to the memory lane and was released for Mac OS after few months of its release on PC which explorers the adoptability developers are making for Mac.

This is the most fined tune strategy game you will encounter taking you down to 18 different civilizations and being the leader, and it’s your responsibility to go through each civilization ending at the Modern age to be successful. The game provides complete leverage, and it’s not that punishable but gives you the right set of the mixture to play across different areas and use your cognitive ability. The game has been a pivotal success for the series and has two upgraded versions released later on. With complete control and access to different tools, the game worth every bit of time spent on it and you will enjoy playing it with friends.


Civilization V is one strong strategy game with multiple aspects of the game have been added and improved from the previous versions. Some main aspects of the game have been discussed below:

  • Combat: Unit Stacking is no more part of the game as Civilization V comes with improved and repaired combat system are there, and one military unit-per-tile system has been adopted. Ranged units have also been brought back with advanced functions like attacking units from a distance and capturing potshots of the armies aiming to invade.
  • Cities: one of the most attractive features of Civilization V’s gameplay is building cities as settler units can now settle cities anywhere on the world map.
  • Cities State: Controlled by AI, City-states are not allowed to expand and does not help in winning the game. There type of city-states in the game include – Culture, Militaristic and Maritime help in scoring culture points, military units and food respectively.
  • Social Policies: These have replaced Civics from the previous version of the game and are vital in securing bonuses, but for that scoring enough culture points are essential.
  • Science and Economy: The need of science is essential in Civilization V as it helps in building scientific units and is distributed at 1 per unit but can be increased by creating a building, scientific specialists and so on. The economy is majorly reflected by the amount of gold any civilization has.
  • Happiness: Unlike previous versions, happiness is one-wide value and hold a key role in Civilization V as it determines the willingness of the people of civilization to work and cooperate with their leader. It also helps in suggesting the possibility of people to fight.
  • Great People: These are special units that can build special Great person tile improvement and create an action unique from Greta People or can also create a short Golden Age. Great People points generate these units.
  • Resources: There are three types of resources in Civilization V: strategic resources, luxury resources, and bonus resources.
  • Wonders: Every Civilization is allowed to build a one-time wonder that can attract massive bonuses for the builders. However, the game restricts with only two types of buildable wonders that include National Wonders and World Wonders.


25 civilizations have been made part of Civilization V with 18 shipping while rest act as DLCs and each civilization has its unique and special ability, unlike previous games. Each civilization is now equipped with one or two unique units and also poses a unique building or tile improvement. The special advantage giving to the civilization reflects their history and is controlled by either the player or the AI. To win or lose, the player will have to go through various eras.


The gameplay of Civilization V is different in many terms but as simple in its shape. The player chooses a civilization and what follows and selecting cities that are also being managed properly by the player along with creating and managing units to attain victory. The game usually commences from the Stone Age, and after going through different ages, the player eventually progresses through the Future Era. However, the player can select a pre-determined age to start from. During the game, the player will encounter different civilizations and can also form allies with them and tie strong relationships but can also crush them. Winning is simple and can be achieved through multiple options, for example by attaining or scoring the highest score, forging the enemies and capturing them, by becoming the first one to reach Alpha Centauri, taking UN in confidence and winning their vote or by becoming culturally affluent and surpassing other civilizations in this regard and building Utopia Project.

Graphics and Sound Effects

Just like any other game, the makers have done the considerably good job as far as graphics, and sound effects are concerned. The game creates the right feel in depicting various civilizations and culture through the artwork powered with impactful sound quality.

Bottom Line

Civilizations V is undoubtedly one of the best strategy games you will encounter in the modern era. It’s equally enjoying on single player as well as on multi-player giving you complete control and an emphatic ride to cure your sleepless nights. If you are strategy-curious and an enthusiast searching for the right mixture, Civilization V is made for you.

Though Civilization IV missed out on some key areas but with Civilization V in place perfectly, the makers will not be going back to flaws. The makers have done the right thing designing Civilization V for masses and it’s worth every bit of time spent playing the game.