Braid – MacOs Game Review

Braid – MacOs Game Review

Genre: Games

Developer: Hothead Games

Size: 150 MB

Version: OS X 10.6.6 or later

In-App Purchase: no

Last Updated: 14 June 2011

Version Of App: 1.1


While playing games there must be some soft questions that have hit your mind like the princess who was locked in that dark castle must have felt? Or how the eager and ambitious boy felt after trailing all those troubles and being victorious? These are the motivations for different characters that are rarely explored in any game, but Braid tried to answer all such questions. The game is not just an uncontrolled fun but also embraces to be a thoughtful companion. The gameplay is clever as it encourages you to go ahead and the mechanics used are the driving force pushing you to the inevitable confrontation with the girl you are far from or have indeed lost. However, this all seems really repetitive as you may have seen such stories for long but the high engrossing story of the game keeps you ticking and is sopmething very special.

Braid is unique, being a puzzle game it urges you in solving a puzzle one moment and taking you a mature challenge next. A summary of the plot is there before you enter the first world. The story is simple yet engaging. Tim, the hero of the game, has made a terrible mistake; as a result, he has lost the love of his life. Now the task of time to rescue the princess from the evil monster begins. A poetic fairy-tale powered with impactful running and jumping action, Baird has everything a modern day puzzle game needs.


As you move ahead, the game has around six levels, and the first five contains 12 puzzles, short and precise and not that time-consuming. The pieces of the puzzles are sneakily placed and to reach the poignant conclusion, you need to collect all 60 of them. It all depends on your puzzle acumen that how long that game takes as for our research, it should not take more than 60 minutes.  The game seems bit unfair but as for the challenge is concerned, the reward is even higher. The game encourages you to be more challenging while collecting the most delicate of pieces.


Tim: He is the main the protagonist and and also the lead character in the game. He is simultaneously the hero and (unknowingly) the villain.

The Princess: The love of Tim’s life and the one Tim is rescuing in Braid. 

The Knight: Though the Kinght hold a very minor role in the game but is strongly important character in Braid.

Greeter: This character, generally known as the Greeter, is not a very important character, but noticable in Braid. At the very end of the last level of every World (with the exception of World 1) it walks out of a castle, and tells Tim something generally along the lines of “Sorry, but the Princess is in another castle.”


Braid runs of the core mechanic which the Rewind function that enables you to reverse your mistakes including deaths as well. It’s a jigsaw puzzle, and in each level, you are entitled to collect the pieces of the puzzle and assembling them. You are free to use the puzzles to manipulate the world from jumping to an unreachable spot to making a make-shift bridge. It’s not staying alive which appears to be the main challenge of the game but to understand and react the mechanics of each world accordingly.  The level select screen contains different rooms and the doors are numbered but not orderly which makes things difficult to gather. Though the rewind feature is the real glow, certain features cannot be affected, and these objects are marked with a glowing outline. These objects in some instances include locked doors or moving platforms. You will find objects with a purple glow and they will reset automatically or will reach the desired path anyhow as they are not affected by time travel. Tim dropped the purple keys in the rewind which means these cannot be picked up.

It is important for Tim to manipulate time to complete the puzzle. The mechanics of one world include shadows like enemies, Time himself, and different objects and these shadows tend to repeat actions that have been done previously after the rewind. In order top pull levers, open doors and to jump onto enemies, manipulation of these shadow objects is important. After completing the jigsaw puzzle fully, unlocks one-fifth of a multi-colored ladder that leads to the attic and the door to World 1.

Graphics and Sound Effects

The audio effects of the game are amazing but it’s the eye-catching visuals that steal the show.  The subtle visuals are so impressive that you may tend to be in love with them, but these are never meant to be distracting. The world created is amazing and creates a very distinct look just like pastel watercolors along with swelling blends have been gathered correctly to create such an awesome environment. Each and every character is a standout be it Tim, the princess or the enemies, against the serene, multilayered backdrop, every character looks perfectly indulged. The backdrop seems like flat cardboard cutouts that have been painted or marked with active markers. The song or the score of the game is such a soothing blend with elegant and mild touch and powered with deliberate pacing. The music bends with the time, racing forward and backward along with your actions. The games presentation never draws your attention away and compelled strongly with the game.

Bottom Line

We live in an age where we mostly see games replica of each other with a stakey gameplay and story taking you down the line and beating the enemies is just so comfortable. However, Braid delivers the right punch by sticking to the guns and rewarding us with a memorable experience worth checking. The game is an invigorating breath of fresh air, and it definitely raises the bar for other developers.