Alien: Isolation – The Collection – MacOS Game Review

Alien: Isolation – The Collection – MacOS Game Review

Genre: Games

Developer: Feral Interactive Ltd

Size: 20.89 GB

Version: OS X 10.6.6 or later

In-App Purchase: no

Last Updated: Jan 07, 2016

Version Of App: 1.0.1


The unavoidable presence of the player is one of the biggest dilemmas to cater for any horror game as there’s no other genre more dependent on the players moving – well, comedy is one, but horror is similarly more reliant. To produce a moment it is important to put music, lighting, editing, and players work together, only then it looks scary. The budget concerns have restricted the developers in developing horror games but Alien: Isolation bucks the trend. The game seems a remake of Alien with Ellen Ripley’s daughter holding the primary role is one game that makes player powerless and is big and bold. Mark our words, this game is going the scare the hell out of you and will continue to do that for long. The game is lengthy and may take many hours to complete but is one the few ambitious horror games to enter the league. It is different, unique and entreating. The game asks you to kill your favorite alien predator in a way that you have not witnessed for long.


Ellen Ripley: Ellen Louise Ripley was a Lieutenant and a civilian adviser to the United States Colonial Marine Corps. He also played an influential role in protecting humanity against species Xenomorph XX121. She started her career as a warrant officer with Weyland-Yutani’s commercial freight operations later on she was sent for duty with USCSS Nostromo in 2122 when it encountered a single Xenomorph unintentionally collected from the planetoid LV-426. This event created unrest as rest of her crew was abolished and the ship was destroyed. Her course of life changed as she began the discovery of the Xenomorph and plagued her for the rest of her existence.

Amanda Ripley-McClaren: Amanda Tei “Amy” Ripley-McClaren (born Amanda Ripley; 2112) happens to be the daughter of Ellen Ripley and also the main character of Alien: Isolation. She traveled to Sevastopol to find some clues about the incident happened to her mother as the flight recorder unit of USCSS Nostromo was recovered in 2137. When Xenomorph incident that destroyed the station occurred she had a subsequent involvement in that.

The Alien (Xenomorph): The Alien, nicknamed “Kane’s son” by Ash, was a lone Xenomorph Drone that was born on board the USCSS Nostromo from Executive Officer Gilbert Kane in 2122. It wipped out Nostromo’s entire crew in just few hours but was killed by Ellen Riley eventually by ejecting it into space.

Drone (Sevastopol): A Xenomorph Drone was born on board Sevastopol Station in 2137 after Catherine Foster, a crew member of the Anesidora, was attacked by a Facehugger and brought to the station by her husband.

Catherine Foster: Catherine Foster was a crewmember aboard the Anesidora.

Dennis Parker: Dennis Monroe Parker was the chief engineer aboard the commercial towing vehicle USCSS Nostromo.

Christopher Samuels: He was a synthetic employee of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation.

Arthur Dallas: Arthur Koblenz Dallas was the captain of the commercial towing vehicle USCSS Nostromo.


For every horror game, it is important to have focused on presentation as it creates the real feel especially for a game that promises an experience like Alien: Isolation. The game at its core focuses majorly on biding your time and slowly and gradually escorting you to the exit. Many games have kept hiding in a closet a critical aspect of the gameplay, but in Isolation, it is not that critical.

Sequences of the gameplay mostly include walking through a room subsequently with your tracker handy and slowly move towards the goal but don’t forget to hide every time the alien shows up. You are not allowed to run as it leads to death. Not6hing else but death may occur anytime, anywhere and any place in the game irrespective of your action. You stand and walk, and you are dead. You are on the mission with the right move, but still, you die. Moreover, it goes on.

Ripley is the scheming survivalist of the game, and the game treats Amanda similarly while everyone else in the game runs. Amanda uses the blueprints spread in Sevastopol to build her immunities like EMPs, smoke bombs, noisemakers, etc. Avoiding combat is important. Though weapons are various, ammunition is scarce. You seem too worried about the alien that you may forget about other enemies in the game. Don’t forget, for some time Xenomorph cannot be killed. What else can be said, a lots of distraction but that is what the game is all about.

Graphics and Sound Effects

The game has some of the most outstanding features as far as graphics, and sound effects are concerned and as per many reviews have been rated the best so far. The game creates a unique appeal, and light effects along music played a crucial role in setting the feel right and do right rightly to scare the player. The game promises to deliver an ambiance suited for a classic horror film leveraging its strengths in sound and art and it lives up to its promise, recreating the perfect feel.

Bottom Line

Alien: Isolation is one of the few perfect games you may encounter recently and delivers the perfect feel for the horror game for the first few hours but once again the death of Great Xenomorphic Hope is one major disappointment especially in a licensed game with interactive entertainment potential. The game missed in a very critical area, showing stats. The player would be eager to know how many playing hours they had or how many times they have died. Such a shame!

Anyhow the game is a lengthy scary affair and keeps the player intact and loved most of it. However, still, few points were not covered. Maybe next time there will be a perfect horror game which covers every aspect by Alien: Isolation is not the one.