Unclutter – MacOS App Review

Unclutter – MacOS App Review

Genre: Utilities

Developer: Eugene Krupnov

Size: 3.9 MB

Version: OS X 10.10 or later.

In-App Purchase: No

Last Updated: Mar 28, 2017

Version Of App: 2.1.4




One of the most simplest and easy to use Mac utility tool is unclutter. If you are searching for a tool that can help you reorganize your menu bar, then nothing works best as compared to unclutter. Here’s the unclutter complete story, it offers you just three tools to tweak around with; a clipboard history, simple area to add notes and storage to stash your files.

The App is available on iTunes store for a reasonable price rate of $9.99 and can easily configure and integrate with your mac machine.

So What Makes Unclutter Any Different Than Other Menu Bar Organizers?

Unlike normal system wide menu items on display, Unclutter is by default hidden on your menu bar. In order to check the options, you need to hover your cursor over the menu bar or swipe downwards if you are using a mac pad.

The interface contains three panels each identifying and displaying the functions, the app has to offer customers.

  • Clipboard
  • Files
  • Notes

You can easily remove any of the panels by simply dragging it out of the panel box of Unclutter. Once, you drag it out, if you wish to remove it; press X button located on the top of the newly created window.

If you are not in favor of the gesture focused revealing of the application on your mac trackpad, you can use multiple other methods to access Unclutter on your Mac. Some of them includes assigning a keyboard shortcut, holding Command, Option or Shift key, etc. You can find all the information on other ways to access the menu bar utility tool in Unclutter guide.

Here’s a brief description on how each panel performs their respective functionalities.


The panel prompts up with a list view. It can adjust up to 50 items at a time of all your clipboarding history. These may include texts, images or other file formats copy and pasted to clipboard. If you want to access or add the item anywhere else, simply access your history clipboard, and then copy/paste the file at your desired location.

The usage of clipboard is far more than acknowledged. For instance, if you find something interesting on the internet and copy the URL, the link automatically appears as a live link in the Clipboard panel. To revisit, simply right click the link and select open URL. It will direct you to the desired web page.

Although, you can see the images appear in the history clipboard, but you cannot simply drag them and utilize them again. It just provides you the history of the processing and not the access of the file which is considerably a downside of the application because alternatively, you can do the same with texts.


Now this feature can really come in handy if you are a fan of populating your desktop with a number of applications. The feature allows you to simply stack up your files by dragging it into them for later use, if you find your desktop cluttered. It’s one of the core feature and functionality of the app. Can’t see the File option as it is hidden, simply drag your desired file on the menu bar and Unclutter will automatically open up the panel for you.

Simply drag and drop files now! Also, if you press Spacebar, you get an OS X’s QuickLook view.

Wondering where is the root folder for the files you are dragging into the unclutter: File option? There is a default folder for files automatically created at the bottom of your personal Library folder (~/Library/Application Support/Unclutter/File Storage). However, you can always change the root folder to a different location but it’s recommended to keep it this way only.

The Panel shows you all the files of the folder in an icon view within the Files Section.


You got that last bit of information and wondering it can easily slip off your mind? Well, worry no more… Unclutter offers you Notes option to unload all your points in a secure storage location. All you have to do is click the Notes option and start jotting down those points.

Notes feature of Unclutter allows you to add texts as per your preferences by simply dragging documents into a panel. You can also copy/paste information with the Notes section. Unlike (Files) option, Notes is compatible with Cut, Copy and Paste functionalities. You can Select All information too. If you want a text clipping to be extracted, you can also drag the freshly written notes onto your desktop and it will appear as a text clipping on your Mac desktop.

While, it has its perks, there are few features which I identify as lacking within the tool. For instance, (Notes) feature does not support the multiple notes feature which is kind of a downside. You only get a single text box per instance to create notes accordingly.

With that being said, we are going to wind up our today’s review on Unclutter for Mac OS. Hope you guys are now well aware of the perks and cons of this amazing tool. But, as every other utility tool on the market, Unclutter has some tricks hidden up its sleeves for mac users. If you haven’t got Unclutter for your Mac device yet, now just might be the right time to get it. Experience the ease of access with Unclutter and let us know what you think about it. We await your feedback 🙂