The Unarchiver – macOS App Review

The Unarchiver – macOS App Review

Genre: Utilities

Developer: MacPaw Inc.

Size: 4.3 MB

Version: OS X 10.6 or later

In-App Purchase: No

Last Updated: 16 September 2017

Version Of App: 3.11.3




Are you feeling lost with different file formats? How many times have you tried to unarchive a file format which just doesn’t meet the correct requirements? Well, not anymore. You can now easily unarchive any kind of archived files with super ease. Introducing Unarchiver, the most smallest, easiest and fastest solution to opening all sorts of common file formats.

Supported File Formats

With Unarchiver, you can easily extract the following file formats:

Common Formats


RAR (including v5)






Older Formats







Other Formats




And the list goes on supporting up to 60 different format types. Here is the snapshot of the window which may help you capture the idea on how it looks

About The Unarchiver

The Unarchiver is the brainchild of Dan Argen and if you don’t have it on your Mac device yet, you might still be wondering what you are actually missing out on.

This is an easy to use unarchiving application that helps you extract all kinds of files. You can easily integrate it with Apple’s Utility and it does not only extract formats compatible with Apple devices, but also any kind of format coming into your Mac as an external source.

Although, The Unarchiver serves the same purpose as the Apple’s Utility application; however, with the wide range of support on different file formats, it makes Apple’s Utility application look like an beginner level tool.

This app does not necessarily interferes with Apple’s Utility functionalities and that’s one of the many reasons why it is considered a preferable choice among most Apple users. If a file can be decompressed using the Apple’s Utility, The Unarchiver will not interfere. The Unarchiver application only take care of formats which are used on different operating systems and other computational platforms.

It handle file types which are generally obscure or belong to an older format that one does not come across often. It is a robust file extraction application and does a pretty awesome job even on old formats which literally dates back to aztec days.

How it Works

Starting with The Unarchiver is a rather simple task. If you want the application to handle a specific archive type, you can simply drag and drop the archive on the Unarchiver icon.

You can set the Preferences for each of your file type from the Preference window. You can choose where the app can place the newly extracted files or folders, you can set either the application may create a new folder or simply extract it to the specified location, you can set the modification date of each of the extracted files and do a lot more.

Here’s how the Preference Window for The Unarchiver may look like:

Although, Archive Utility for Apple device offers the similar functionalities but they are difficult to identify and search up due to the complex navigation structure of Apple products. If only you are good at getting your way around it, dedicating yourself to the task, you may end up finding the preferences to set as per your requirements.

With Unarchiver you also get an Advanced Tab. It enables you to easily decompress coded files. For instance, it will easily detect the file type of your choosing and decode it with something native to your Mac environment.


Extraction using the Unarchiver is as easy as just double clicking the unarchived file you wish to extract. It will automatically extract the file in your specified destination folder. The progress of extraction can be observed through a progress bar.

However, don’t forget, the Unarchiver application for Mac App Store requires first time authorization to extract a file. So, if you are working in such an environment where you may require regular extraction of files, then the Unarchiver is one of the most perfect solution to meet all your file extraction needs.

Haven’t you downloaded it for yourself yet. It’s absolutely free. Go grab one right away. Let us know about your feedback.