Tweak Photos macOS Review

Tweak Photos macOS Review

Genre: Creativity Apps

Developer: Systweak Software

Size: 42.7 MB

Version: OS X 10.10 or later

In-App Purchase: No

Last Updated: Mar 8, 2017

Version Of App: 1.9.5




If you are looking for an app that can edit a ton of photos in one go, is simple in its layout and easy to use then Tweak photos is your go to app.

What really caught our attention was how the app sums up the entire editing process in 4 simple steps,

To begin the photo editing process, just drag and drop the files, folders and images you want to edit on it’s home screen, select the effect you want to apply and save it to your desired location in your Mac.

For a more indepth perspective on the matter, read on.


The main highlights of this app are the ease of use and flexibility.

Adding Photos:

Getting the photos you want to edit on the app is incredibly easy and flexible. You can simply drag and drop them on the App’s dashboard or by clicking the given options according to your need. You can drag an entire folder of pictures or a single picture on to the dashboard. You can also tag photos with dates as you add them and you can also integrate your Photo library.

Batch Editing and Organizing

You can also edit the format and type of an entire batch of photos and add specific strings or digits to them. This helps in organizing photo galleries and folders.


There are a ton of effects to choose from and just to name a few, there is RGB Adjust, Vignette, Monochrome and so on. You can also custom enhance your photos.

Batch Layers

The process of editing photos on Tweak Photos has layer functionality which you can use to add or remove layers as per your need.

Favorite Tagging

You can save any effect you like by adding it to the Favorites tab. This makes access quicker and efficient.

Error Notification

While saving a batch of photos, some photos may not accept the effect, format or file name that you have used on them and hence will not be saved. Tweak Photos will inform you during the saving process when this happens so that you can quickly filter such photos out and take the appropriate action.


Tweak Photos is an excellent picture editor app for macOS that offers a simple UI and extensive editing options. The process of editing pictures is also simple and doesn’t require much effort and for these very reasons, Tweak Photos has our seal of approval.