TextWrangler – MacOS App Review

TextWrangler – MacOS App Review

Genre: Developer Tools

Developer: Bare Bones Software, Inc.

Size: 9.4 MB

Version: OS X 10.9.5 or later

In-App Purchase: No

Last Updated: Sep 20, 2016

Version Of App: 5.5.2




While most geeks shout out for Sublime text, Atom or BBEdit; I would like to convert some of their attention towards another amazing text editor which is worthy of attention in the world of code editing. This par excellent code editor goes by the name, Text Wrangler. It is an advanced text editor for Mac which comes with a full support for a multitude of scripting languages. The best thing behind all of it is, the application is absolutely free.

Before we move ahead with the word processing, allow me to offer you a bit of an insight. Text Wrangler is not a word processor, it means that you don’t get any styling options whatsoever. Instead, this free editor allows you to handle plain text and is a handy tool for those who require frequent code changes. If you are a developer and seeking perfection in your codes, then get yourself a Text Wrangler at the earliest.

Learn How to Wrangle with Text Wrangler

Most writers develop content using a WordPad or Google docs, but in case of a coding geek; things are more likely different. They develop the specifically within the content only. We asked a few computer nerds and unimaginable they replied,

“Well, isn’t it obvious, Text Wrangler remove hassles of optimizing content using HTML and CSS”

Such atrocity! At least for a content developer like me. However, in case of Text Wrangler, I believe I have to give in… It is without a doubt quite interactive. I wish it was just simplicity why I preferred it as a priority choice but that’s not all it offers. It comes with a built-in text highlighting option which turns out to be quite helpful.

Text Highlights

Text highlights provide the liberty to distinguish between different text types enclosed within a specified tag. In case, if you forget to close a tag (such as the case in HTML), it won’t be highlighted in the specified color format and this will incredibly help you to identify where the tag is missing.

Multi-File Searching

While, normal text editors allows you to access the file and replace functionality on a specific document, Text Wrangler allows you to find and replace a phrase or word across multiple different documents. All you have to do is click “Command”, “Shift” and “F”.

Once your specific word search is complete, you can easily replace every instance of that word using this functionality. It mainly becomes effective in cases where users have to handle a large number of projects.

Easy Document Navigation

This free text editor also comes with an entire folder option. Usually the folder options are located on the left side of the text editor screen. It can help you to easily navigate from one folder to entirely another with just a single click. Depending on your application or website mapping, you can easily access all editable files in that folder as they will appear in the left panel.

Additional Features

As I have discussed some of the core functionalities which Text Wrangler has to offer its customers, here is a list of complete features for just about everything which this app encloses for different users.

  • Powerfully single and multi file search & replace filter options
  • Sort lines and process duplicate line commands for grip sorting and handling text
  • Support for wide variety of BBEdit language modules
  • Support for view and editing multiple-byte and text
  • Support for selecting text using a rectangular box
  • Built-in support for transformation of text: Change Case, Entab/Detab, Zap Gremlins, etc.
  • Style pattern based on PCRE (Perl-Compatible Regular Expression)
  • Compare and merge differences option with two similar documents
  • Save files in a variety of character sets, include Unicode text.
  • Includes “Live Search” option for enhance text searching
  • Text wraps (hard and soft) depending on your preferences
  • Quoted text re-wrappers, multiple clipboards, splittable windows and much more.

Concluding Thoughts

Hitting the bottom line – Being a professional developer and a business owner can become rather mind boggling for most individuals. However, things can be streamlined giving way to an individual to expand and grow exponentially. If you are an avid fan of getting things done along the path of your journey instead of stagnating it for later days, and your work involves swift troubleshooting, my sincere advise will be to get the latest Text Wrangler app for your Mac device. It’s awesome and free.

Which of the text editors do you prefer for your Mac? Let us know if you have something in mind and maybe we will publish it for you.