Reeder 3 – MacOS App Review

Reeder 3 – MacOS App Review

Genre: News

Developer: Silvio Rizzi

Size: 6.5 MB

Version: OS X 10.10 or later.

In-App Purchase: No

Last Updated: Jun 22, 2017

Version Of App: 3.0.5





When was the last time you checked on the current happenings around the world? Did you read the latest tech updates recently? Are you aware of the happenings within your surrounding as compared to your competitors?

With the closure of Google Reader, a barrage of rumors, forecasts and predictions circumferenced around the fact that RSS is coming to an end. However, such predictions mitigated in dusts of cloud and never emerged on the forefront again.

Reason: Developers got their way around to save RSS. The app market saw a resurge as developers introduced various news service applications which outlashed the remaining misconception of the demise of RSS in both markets, iOS and macOS alike.

The Reeder Application for macOS

One such many names, entitled as the savior of RSS, was an application called The Reeder. This specific application is designed to offer simplicity and performance to its customers.

Now, I am quite sure that the television and news websites has a lot to offer you, but how about giving yourself a personalized readers club. A club that does not only give you a handful of content to read upon, but something that keeps you engaged and stay ahead of time.

Reeder is a standalone news content delivery network that keeps you up-to-date with the current happenings around the world. It comes with a Sync option that enables you to create a direct interaction with the current happenings around the world. It automatically pulls the latest trendy news, blogs and articles from the Internet and add it to your Reeder application so you can stay connected with the world at all times.

Finding Your Way Around Reeder 3

The browsing feature of the application is pretty interesting. You can set the browsing to specify unread articles first or you can simply categorize them as per niche based preferences. Furthermore, fIlters may help you organize content marked as either starred, read or unread.

The interface of the application is just about perfect as it helps in pushing the content upfront. This benefits the reader to concentrate more on the content rather than the look and feel of the application. There are a few theme switches available, but only limited to categorize day time readers from night time readers.

The Amazing Arm-Chair Mode

If you don’t like the view pre-setted by the application, you can toggle in between original mode and armchair mode. Basically, the armchair mode gives a more cleaner view to the context as compared to the regular view. It saves you the time and hassle of visiting the original source where the content is originally published. However, you can always navigate to the source if you want to! The option is available in Reeder 3 which leads to our next feature in line “The Support for Safari View Controller.”

Support for Safari View Controller

Although, not one of the most lucrative features of the application, but the view controller allows app users to easily navigate themselves to the exact location where content is originally published. This new feature may sound a bit boring but for those who are trendy with social sharing news and articles to create traction on company/social profiles can really make a hefty use of it. The Support for Safari view controller gives you the liberty to skip ads, avoid signing up hassles and overcome other sharing details. And that’s not all what the app has to offer to you…

Improved Readability and Much More

Reeder is not just any news pulling application, it becomes your gateway to observe what’s happening around the world through a window view. Get connected with the world using Reeder. If you find something amazing or interesting, you can easily share the content on any social media of your preference.

The application further allows you to integrate popular apps with it such as Readability and Evernote so you can add notes and enhance your reading experience. However, as compared to previous version, the new release supports a sync option for Instapaper which is praiseworthy for those who want to archive interesting content for later reading.

Get Reeder 3 for MacOS Now!

If you are a quick reader and love to share latest info among fellow colleagues and during social gatherings, than Reeder 3 is your one stop shop solution for all. It is not just any basic reading application, but it contains a number advantages as discussed above. With the latest update out now, they have added more lucrative elements such as split screen multitasking, iPad compatibility, 3D touch previews and so on. Even if you own an old version of Mac device, don’t worry… root features are similar which makes your application work wonderfully for all devices.

So if you haven’t yet purchased it, do get one… It’s indeed worth a shot! Share your experience once you have used the app 🙂 I would be more than interested in listening to your feedbacks.