Parcel – Delivery Tracking – MacOS App Review

Parcel – Delivery Tracking – MacOS App Review

Genre: Utilities

Developer: Ivan Pavlov Pty Ltd

Size: 2.4 MB

Version: macOS 10.12 or later,

In-App Purchase: Yes

Last Updated: Nov 23, 2017

Version Of App: 3.0.3




When was the last time you ordered something and you waited so eagerly for it to be delivered to you! We all find ourselves in such a situation every now and then. If you are one of those many individuals who ship a lot of stuff and wish to keep a track on your product until it is successfully delivered to the recipient, then download Parcel application on your mac device right away.

You can now place all your shipping products right on your fingertips. It’s because we all want to know where our deliveries are and in how much time will they arrive on their specified destination. Parcel is one such app that keep track of the delivery you dispatched and notifies when your delivery status changes.

Getting Your Way Around Parcel

For starters, you need to create an account on Parcel. You will simply have to download the application from Apple store on your Mac device and sign up yourself. The mobile version is pretty much the same as the Mac version so you don’t have to worry about anything

Load Your Tracking Numbers

As soon as your account is setup and ready to use, the next thing you need to do is start loading your tracking numbers. To do so, Click on the + sign and start adding your orders. Also, there is a refresh button right next to the Add Button on the application which readily refreshes all your orders along with their respective statuses.

The list of transferable items are organized on the left side of the screen while the details of each order can be observed on the right. The description window contains the order tracking number, the type of Courier it requires to send the package, and all the details related to delivery.

Here’s how the delivery screen on Parcel looks like for customers.

Support for 300 Courier

The application supports more than 300 different courier services around the world. It is an amazing delivery tracking system which gives a real time view on the status of your package to be delivered. Recently, I was having a bit of a paranoia moment while delivering my suitcases full of goods. Without Parcel, I may have worried myself sick if I would have sent it away through the regular courier not knowing till when it will be delivered. And, instead I would end up emailing the company service support regarding my package! You see, the suitcase contained stuff which was of sentimental value.

But, with Parcel life just got so much easier. I did not only sent the suitcase through my desired courier, but I also had the chance to observe how and from which channels, the specified courier is delivering my package. I could categorize each of my deliveries by creating sub-folders such as for Amazon product, I keep a separate folder just as I keep separate folder for my kids books to be delivered. Such is the case with Parcel. It makes life a lot more easier.

Sync With Email Account

What makes Parcel more friendly is the sync feature it comes with. Instead of going through the hassle of putting each separate tracking numbers into the application, all I ever had to do was sync it up to my email account. The application readily pulled all the tracking number data and information from my email account and synced it successfully. It automatically update itself, once synced. In my opinion, there aren’t many applications which can accomplish tracking as efficiently as this app does.

Premium Tracking

The only downside of the application is that it allows three tracking at a time. This means that I can have a good and easy system to navigate, but with limited number of orders to track with at an instance. However, this condition can be resolved after paying up a bit of cash and the application will instantly remove the cap. Also, the premium version is more essential than the free one because you don’t get any notifications regarding your delivery status and that’s kind of a bummer. The whole point of having an application is to get notified and you can only enable it once you are a premium member. Till then, you will have to keep visiting the application home screen in order to stay notified of your deliveries.

But, the part is upgrading to premium is an yearly subscription of $1.99 which is actually quite feasible. Interesting that they make the application free and then charge an extra $2 for it! Interesting sale strategy though, I must say.

What’s New in Version 4.2?

The newest version of Parcel introduces great a many things which are listed as below:

  • It offers indirect support for Amazon Logistic deliveries. You can now hold “track your package” link and copy it. Next time you are adding a delivery in Parcel, Amazon order details will automatically fill in as the application will recognize it.
  • It comes with the latest support for iPhone 7 haptic feedback, support for watchOS 3 and OS X.
  • Multiple minor modular and utilitarian complications are resolved and fixed.
  • It has introduced an exceptionally full-support for PostNL International deliveries, resolved improvements and fixed other bug issues successfully.

Parcel is an interesting delivery tracking application. In fact, I find it interesting only if it did not have the bogus subscription of $2. However, it is worth a shot as it keeps all my tracking information in one place and I don’t have to go through piles of emails to keep track of records. If you can find value within the application, it is a great one to use indeed. So what are you actually waiting for? Download the application and make the most of it right away.