Magnet – MacOS App Review

Magnet – MacOS App Review

Genre: Productivity

Developer: Pavel Kozarek

Size: 1.8 MB

Version: OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor

In-App Purchase: No

Last Updated: Feb 14, 2017

Version Of App: 2.1.0





One of the best windows management tool offered on Mac OS by far is Magnet. But how come Magnet has taken a leverage among most Apple users? The idea behind the popularity of app is simple, it is an unobtrusive app which allows Mac users to organize desktops as never before. Encompassing a support of over six desktops, the application is capable of automatic resizing of windows using a set of keyboard shortcuts, the menu bar or simply using drag/drop windows from one location to another.

How Does Magnet Makes Your Life Easier?

Simply put, Magnet creates neat alignment of windows which are available for users in multiple views. It’s not just another app that often goes into the sleep mode and hide active windows; instead, Magnet sustains viewable windows, unless you want to make use of one. It simply maximizes into a complete view. This makes the application a more effective and efficient app organizer.


Application Pricing

This window snapping tool is available on the Mac store for a reasonable price of $0.99 alone.

Organize Window Management in Style!

One of the most subtle aspect of this Mac program is that it is quite sophisticated to manage. It allows mac users to make a choice of their own to pick which fits best to their respective needs.

You can choose from a range of desired options for window management. It doesn’t matter if you are keyboard shortcut friendly, mouse friendly or a menu type person, you can make use of the app in anyway you prefer.

Let’s take an in-depth review on each of these features individually.

Drag & Drop Window Management

If you are a mouse friendly person, then you pretty much get things done on your Mac device using the drag & drop functionality. Magnet has a specific feature which enables a Mac user to simply activate and lock windows into different corners of the screen. You can perform the following:

  • Shrink screen size to quarter by simply dragging the screen to any of the four corners.
  • Horizontally, drag the screen to either left or right and it automatically adjusts to half the screen vertically.
  • Get a full screen view by simply dragging the screen to the top-center edge.
  • Vertically, drag the screen to either up or down and it automatically adjusts to half the screen horizontally.
  • Divide windows in three parts within the bottom half of the screen.

While, dragging and dropping windows is one of the easiest ways to organize windows using Magnet, it takes a bit of time for new users to get the hang of it. However, once familiarized it becomes an integral part of the Mac device you are using.

Keyboard Shortcut Window Management

If you are a fan of getting most of your things done using a keyboard, then Magnet can adjust to your needs accordingly. To customize the best fit for your window management, use the default options which are already pre-configured by Magnet.

  • Ctrl+Alt+D/F/G breaks a window into thirds.
  • Ctrl+Alt+E/T breaks a windows into two-thirds.
  • Ctrl+Alt+U/I/J/K breaks a window into quarters.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Right Arrow/Left Arrow breaks into halves vertically.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow/Down Arrow breaks into halves horizontally.

All you have to do is memorize the shortcuts and you are on your way to easy windows management.

Menu Bar Window Management

In both cases, if you are not satisfied then there is one more option that Magnet has to offer. Management of windows using Menu bar. While, keyboard shortcuts can escape your mind during multitasking or dragging locations can become a troublesome task; you can always switch to an alternative of going and picking out a few things from the menu bar. Moving window options are simply displayed as a menu option the menu bar. You can select your desired option and simply adjust to it accordingly.

USPs of the Application

Focus – A unique feature that organizes the windows on the screen by zooming in and out.

Keyboard Shortcuts – Shortcuts which allow individuals to easily navigate using the keyboard.

Multiple Display Support – Access almost 6 different screen at an instance on your Mac.

Ignore Window – Feel non-interested in a screen, Magnet allows you to ignore it.

Personal Verdict

As far as my personal consent is concerned, I found Magnet an interesting and highly effective application packed with multiple features; Features which easily enables individuals to have a seamless window management experience on Mac OS X. The application is quite cost effective and reasonable. It is an eye captivating solution if you keep a multiple monitor setup.

CrowdCafe has done a pretty job that you won’t regret. A shot that will be worth a count. Does Magnet sound like the app of your choice? If yes, do install it, experience and drop your feedback 🙂