Evernote – stay organized – MacOS App Review

Evernote – stay organized – MacOS App Review

Genre: Productivity

Developer: Evernote

Size: 56.7 MB

Version: OS X 10.11 or later.

In-App Purchase: Yes

Last Updated: Dec 1, 2017

Version Of App: 6.13.1





Since, the beginning of time, Evernote has took its chances of being at the top of the hierarchy. Standing tall as the king of applications, Evernote has earned it’s place as the undefeated champion service of taking down notes anytime, anywhere. There was a time when note applications weren’t that common. For most Apple users had to put their faith in Apple Notes and go along with it. As Evernote came into existence, it started gaining popularity among Mac users.

Seeing the immense success of Evernote, most application developers planned to take their own leap of faith with launching a similar application. Afraid that Evernote may lose it’s charm and get pushed down the hierarchy, the developers of the app started brainstorming.

In 2015, Evernote did something incredibly innovative. The fear of becoming an outdated technology, Evernote did a complete revamp of its app for iOS and macOS which really turned the tables of success around for them. They added a handful number of new features and included extra add-ons. The big update took the Apple market with a surge and heavily increased the circumference of customers around the application.

Is Evernote the New Note Adding Sensation for Mac?

So, what makes customers feel so satisfied since the big update! Let’s check it out what the new Evernote packs in the latest version 8 of its mac version of the app.

Organized Structure

When it comes to organizing your notes at one place, than Evernote is way more effective than the original Apple Notes. What makes Evernote different is how you are enabled to add notebooks to a stack. These stacks easily act as sub-folders. Sorting is not an option in Evernote; however, it holds less importance with the new look and feel of the Recent Notebooks view.

The only drawback of using Evernote is that you can’t stack up multiple notebooks as one. It is quite impossible. It’s because Evernote consists two tiers of functionality only: stacks and notebooks. I would say that Apple Note has taken the lead here, it allows folders to be created in multiple levels of other folders.


Not many note applications offer the element of security as a key feature but Evernote does. If you are a Mac user and you are dealing with a lot of confidential content, high is the chance that you may require a security application to keep either your device secure or the specific doc in which you store all your information.

Evernote allows you to encrypt information and apply password protects to each of your Notes so only specific people who have the access to username/password can observe them. And with the new update, you can now apply two-step verification while signing in which altogether adds to an extra layer of security for mac users.


Not all note applications offer reminders, but Evernote includes one. Mostly, Apple application developers are mindful towards offering separate applications for separate functionalities. In case of Evernote, it combines the two in such a remarkable way that it’s like killing two birds with a single stone. You can set specific date and time to each of your note with a reminder which sends out an alert on the scheduled time. Reminders are some of the most helpful ways for me that helps me keep track of the things I am into and how my progress is coming along. All thanks to none other but Evernote.

Notes Sharing

Note sharing has never been easy, you always have to go through your email and compose one. Attach a doc version of the file and if it’s confidential, then you may have to zip it and encrypt it. Well, with Evernote, not anymore. If you want to share an individual note with a friend or colleague, all you have to do is send them a URL. They will need an Evernote account if they want to edit it, but at the bright side you can share complete Notebooks at a single instance in a secure environment.

A great feature of Evernote is the automatic information sharing for users working with new Notes. If you are a team member and you have found some interesting information on the Internet, most likely you will opt to save it. And, once you do! It will be easily accessible for all users working alongside you. In a nutshell, with Evernote, you can develop ideas alongside your friends and colleagues.

Custom Tools

Unlike Apple Notes, Evernote has a number of customization options such as highlighting, strikethrough and changing font size. I personally find the colored text option quite ravishing. It helps me segment my notes accordingly. Using a simple Document Provider, you can easily attach files to your notes in Evernote.

One of the downside I observed in Evernote is that most file types don’t contain rich preview inlines. You can only observe the file name and type in simple format. The rich preview is only observable when the text is shown at top of a note within the Note List.

Web Clippers

Last, but not the least, Web Clippers! It’s one of the features that I found interesting and handy. With Web Clippers, you can easily snip out image, screenshots, full web pages, articles, blogs, bookmarks and just about anything from the internet and easily paste them within your notes. While it may not sound interesting but imagine if you are working in a creative work field with a number of clients? And you really need to step up your presentation game… Nothing will work best here then a ready Web Clipper. So, if you plan on adding Evernote into your list, then using Web Clippers is a must.

Personal Verdict

While most users believe Apple Notes turns out to be a handy feature.. I will simply agree with them here. Now before you go ahead and give me that “Are you joking” look, hear me out please. I know, I know, having all those features packed into a single Note application can take a while to get the hang of how things run. But, take my word for it… If you do understand your way around Evernote, it’s indeed heavenly to use. All it takes is a bit of time and patience. Once you get the hang of it, you may never ever wish to switch back to Apple Notes again.


With the new version 8, Evernote has dramatically made the application and its features quite user-friendly for customers. It doesn’t feel that Evernote has bogged up a whole lot of features and extra tools, instead you get a much sophisticated and simpler feel. Unless, you don’t fully unlock the application, you won’t really understand how amazing the application itself is… so my recommendation will be to take the leap. Make a purchase and I assure you, you won’t feel sorry for it.

If you already use Evernote or if you are planning to use it in the near future, do let us know. Leave your feedbacks with us.