Dropzone 3 – MacOS App Review

Dropzone 3 – MacOS App Review

Genre: Productivity

Developer: Aptonic Limited

Size: 17.5 MB

Version: OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor support.

In-App Purchase: No

Last Updated: May 22, 2017

Version Of App: 3.6.3




When you are too busy enjoying an app, chances are you might end up posting a late review. That’s just about the case here. I was literally in love with this app! It helped me organize my files and applications exceptionally good.

What is Dropzone 3 and how does it help you organize your Mac?

Dropzone creates the ease of moving and sharing files to many different services. This unique and amazing application allows you to add “Destinations” on Macbook. Are you searching to upload images, share them using Dropbox, send them in-mail, share it on social media or move it to photoshop for editing’ this application allows you to do all that and a lot more. All you have to do is drag & drop the image to any of your specified destinations.

How does Dropzone 3 Function?

To perform active functions using Dropzone, all you have to do is drag the app or file you wish to move into the icon. The icon is usually located in your menu bar. Once, you hover over the icon, you are automatically directed to a palette which opens up with multiple options (adobe, flickr, facebook, gmail, etc.) You can then easily drop the file in any specified destination.

Complete Feature List

Here is the complete feature list of the Drop Zone 3 Application:

  • Quick Drag and Drop
  • Includes Add-on Goo.gl shortener for quick URL shortening.
  • Quick Social Sharing via Drag and Drop
  • Includes AirDrop Integration
  • Includes Imgur Integration
  • Upload via FTP and Amazon S3
  • Quick Install Add-ons such as Google Drive, YouTube and many others.
  • Notification Center
  • Powerful multi-tasking engine
  • Animated Menu Items (enables to study tasks at a glance)
  • Keyboard Shortcut feature
  • Includes Drop Zone
  • Grid structure application, folders or action representation
  • Improved Ruby or Python API

What’s new in the Drop Zone 3 New Release?

The new release of Drop Zone 3 packs a number of changes for Mac users. One of the most incredible feature which Drop Zone 3 incorporates is the Drop Bar.

Drop Bar

The Drop Bar simply allows users to collect important files and store them in a separate location for later. This brand new feature allows user to drag and drop items onto targets and then stick them there for future use. You can even create a collective group of files and simply drop them into a Dropzone action or onto any other app of your choice.

The Grid System of the Drop bar further allows user to organiz applications and folders using a simple drag and drop function. For long processes, you get a progress bar within the grid which makes the grid system altogether more attractive.

Exceptional Detailing

The team has significantly invested their time and expertise in polishing all minor/major detailing of the app. There hardwork gives the application an amazing new look and feel. The app now looks more compatible with the OS X and so on.

Powerful Scripting API

The new powerful API scripting enables programmer to deploy changes with minimal coding for modification. The modifications you may create can ultimately result in creating entirely new actions. You can easily install them and receive quick updates from developers.

Major fixes in Version 3.6.3

With the launch of the new Drop Zone 3 application, developers are frenzy and working hard on creating a resonating impact on the market. The developers are working hard to make the application bug free and an incredible solution for customers worldwide and henceforth, one of the latest update which they have sent out into the market includes the following fixes.

  • An additional settings in the preference menu has been added to disable the drag target overlay
  • Issue related to grid appearance in incorrect position has now been fixed while using Bartender to manage menu items.
  • Issue with filenames of certain characters not opening while using the Open Application action has also been fixed.

Personal Verdict

If you personally ask me, I would recommend Dropzone as a mandatory application for your Mac if you operate in a multitasking environment. It’s because the app allows you to perform social sharing and navigate your work across applications and the Internet briskly and efficiently. The latest version includes many improvements to make the experience more a worthwhile for Mac users.

Just like PopClip and Bartender, Drop Zone takes a bit of getting acquainted if you truly want to integrate the app with your workflows. But, once you have successfully integrated it, you may get used to working with this app so much that you will make it an essential tool for your mac.