1Password – MacOS App review

1Password – MacOS App review

Genre: Productivity

Developer: AgileBits Inc.

Size: 47.4 MB

Version: OS X 10.10 or later

In-App Purchase: Yes

Last Updated: Dec 18, 2017

Version Of App: 6.8.5





Choosing the best password manager for your Macbook pro can become a cumbersome task and that’s exactly why we are here. We have researched and found out that there is only one that can keep your data profoundly safe and it’s called 1Password. Sounds rather direct right!? Bet you did not see that coming.

At Macappers, we consider it a decent option not only because it comes with safe login credentials but it is engineered with the best features, the one which you can’t expect in any good password manager. It includes browser plug-ins, automated form-filling, auto-syncing and much much more.

This application was originally created for Apple products. However, it now works best across all platforms. Care to know a bit more about 1Password on Mac, here is an internal view of the application.

The first noticeable feature in the all new 1Password (version 4) is the aesthetics of the application. The brand new design has a bit more to offer you than any other password manager on the app market.

Doesn’t it look good? Feels like you are opening a vault! Only the one who holds the key is eligible to enter in.

The list view of this password manager enables a user to navigate their way around the application quite easily. If you work with a lot of saved items, then this application can help you find them out with just a few number of clicks. The interface is pretty much similar to any smart CMS system. However, 1Password comes with a variation of options to choose from and can enable you to easily mandate security aspects to each of your individual files abruptly.

Tags & Smart Folders

The latest version of 1Password offers a number of sorting options to each of its users. With the new 1Password application on your Mac device, you can easily add tags and add entries as per your preferences. To save these tags you can make use of the sidebar which pretty much resembles to the OS X Mavericks.

Assuming that you are not good with handling tags, then 1Password further offers you the Smart Folders option. This function allows you to create a folder that is smart enough to populate itself based on your configured settings. The purpose of a Smart Folder is the same one as tags, just that both have their own way of servicing users.

Save Items (Sorted)

The new 1Password allows you to save multiple URLs on the same login card. The previous version of 1Password did not allow that to the user as every time a user was prompted to make a save, they would have to create a separate card for iCloud.com. However, with the new update of 1Password, things have pretty much changed. Users are now able to add “Saved Items” into their favorite list and use it for easy navigation. Also, you get to auto-fill as many URLs as you want on just a single card.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Well, wait there is a tiny feature more that make things a bit more interesting. For easy searching, 1Password provides a mini window on your desktop to easily reach the target file which you are searching for!

1Password Browser Extension

As much as the previous browser plugin was buggy, glitchy and unreliable! The new 1Password gives an exceptionally well re-built to the existing 1Password browser extension.

The new 1Password browser extension is now easily synced up with maintaining the delicacy of security layers so your data can be as secured as you expect it to be. An amazing feature which I found pretty amusing in the new browser extension was the introduction of 1Password mini.

You can easily access this mini window on your Mac device almost anywhere at anytime. It is set to a universal keyboard shortcut which you can find out here, along with other shortcuts of 1Password. It allows you to search up any of your saved items, open auto-fills as per your requirements, access vaults, create/save passwords or make changes to entries. It also includes an “anchor” button for all of your mini app screens so you can easily open it up whenever you wish to access them.

In short, the extensions on the new 1Password application are now trustworthy and perform functionalities rather faster than the previous versions of the application.

Standalone Security Features

With 1Password, you get increased security features. All your data and information is now encrypted and encryption is performed at a much quicker pace as compared to the previous versions. Security at 1Password just got from best to badass. It encrypts all your data including item titles and respective URLs following all compliances standardized by Apple.

The new version further introduces an absolutely new feature called the Security Audit which prompts user frequently to update their passcodes. This is a great security measure which 1Password has successfully included within its respective application. It displays what passwords have not been changed for quite some while and which passwords can be changed right away. Ensuring that your passwords don’t get duplicated across multiple websites, 1Password Security Audit feature also prompts you regarding your passcode strength.

This feature will make sure that you add a password which guarantees a much safer experience for you on the Internet.

Sync and Share data with 1Password

The sync feature of 1Password allows user to easily sync the application across a number of options including  iTunes file sharing, Dropbox, iCloud and so on.

Well, that being said, there is another great syncing feature which 1Password introduces and it’s the local storage syncing option over Wi-Fi. And guess what, it doesn’t require any online storage to function at all (not even iCloud). In fact, if you don’t want to sync with the offered applications to sync with, you can always use the sync point for your vault. It automatically allows you to sync third party solutions such as Sugarsync and so on. To share accounts, all you have to do is send your card to others over a message.

Personal Verdict

While, one can find a number of applications to tweak around with, 1Password is one such app that simply offers you the best. It is a password manager which just can’t be ignored. It comes with a very presentable welcome screen and offers a shortlist of previous mentioned changes. The developers of this application are massively focused towards enhancing the performance for users across all platforms.

In my opinion, 1Password encloses downright amazing features, including auto-filling capabilities and what not. If you haven’t given this application a try, now might just be the time to take a shot at it. Get yourself 1Password, and let us know what you feel about the application.