Top 7 MacBook Pro Wireless Headphones

Now that you have got yourself a MacBook Pro, you should be proud to be a part of the big leagues. The device is most definitely the best out there, and is fully capable of serving as a means of entertainment. Whether you are an audiophile or you like to watch movies on the go, having the best wireless headphones is a must. Not only are wireless headphones easy to carry around, but you will never have to worry about untangling cords ever again.

Now that you know why you should get wireless headphones for your MacBook Pro, you must be wondering which ones you should get. Keeping this in mind, here are the top 7 MacBook Pro wireless headphones for you to consider.

BE Sports3 by Optoma Nuforce (Price: $63.83)

This is by far the best wireless headphones you can buy for your MacBook Pro. NuForce knocked it out of the park with this one, as the wireless headphones not only sound great but they can easily last a day without breaking a sweat. The headphones may not be resolving or dynamic, but there is plenty to look forward to considering the price point and the features being offered.

Move Wireless Headphones by Jabra (Price: $59.99)

If in-ear headphones are not your style, then Jabra has just what you are looking for. The best part is that it is not that pricey either.

The headphones may look like they are for buyers on a budget, but don’t let the price fool you. The headphones are an all-rounder, to say the least. Jabra’s Move headphones are fun and have an edgy design that performs exceptionally well. A must-have for those that want a pair of wireless headphones without breaking their bank in the process.

Momentum 2.0 Wireless Headphones by Sennheiser (Price: $283.84)

The Momentum 2.0 is without a doubt amazing to look at, and are not to be confused with the in-ear versions, which are cheaper and smaller in comparison.

Considering the asking price, Sennheiser’s Momentum 2.0 manage to deliver on all fronts. Even though the headphones are pricey and will be out of reach for most audiophiles, it is to be had by only the most serious of all music lovers.

Those individuals that can afford the Momentum 2.0 will come to realize the wireless headphones have the best of qualities; they’re comfortable to wear and are meant to last for years to come.

MDR-1000X by Sony (Price: $298.00)

Sony’s has outdone itself in the wireless headphones department with the MDR-1000X, which are all about high-resolution audio with noise-canceling capabilities.

With high-end codecs, like AAC, the MDR-1000X sound amazing, although the noise-canceling requires a bit of work.

The noise-canceling feature is rare to come across at such a price point, which means it is still a blessing in disguise for those that do not wish to dish out, even more, dough for a decent pair of wireless headphones for their MacBook Pro.

With quick attention mode and lengthy battery life, there is no better option out there that has so much to offer. Even though it will seem expensive to most, it is worth every penny.

Quiet Comfort 35 by Bose (Price: $329.00)

Bose has finally managed to bring its noise-canceling technology to a pair of wireless headphones, which is quite frankly a sight for sore eyes. The Quiet Comfort 35 comes without the traditional drawbacks you have come to expect from wireless headphones, and they sound great. As for the battery life, it does rather well and will keep you entertained for the longest of flights.

Costing no more than $329.00, Bose’s Quiet Comfort 35 can be categorized under the premium range of wireless headphones. But then again, it is the only pair of wireless headphones with the best noise-canceling capabilities.

BackBeat Pro 2 by Plantronics (Price: $149.97)

For frequent travelers, it is a hassle to roam around with wireless headphones as they can’t be folded nor do they hold a charge for very long. Fortunately, there is the BackBeat Pro 2 by Plantronics that does all this while blocking sound and offering a visceral listening experience at the same time. The BackBeat Pro 2 is one of the few headphones on the market that can do all this and so much more at an affordable cost.

The headphones cost considerably less when compared to brands like Sony and Bose, and serves as an excellent travel companion. The BackBeat Pro 2 is extremely comfortable and can pair with two devices simultaneously, thus making it one of those headphones that offer more bang for your buck.

PXC 550 by Sennheiser (Price: $295.95)

If you can’t get enough of Sennheiser, but want additional features like noise-canceling, then the PXC 550 is exactly what you need. The headphones are quite expensive, which does not come as a surprise since it is Sennheiser after all, but they do sound really good.

The reason for these headphones not being up on the list is due to the fact that lack of control it has to offer. You can control the headphones with a few swipes on the earcup, which does make it feel futuristic too, but it does little to help those that wish to set the volume at a specific level or skip multiple tracks with ease. Apart from this minute issue, the PXC 550 manages to tick all the right boxes.

You now have ample pairs of headphones to choose from. Each and every wireless headphone mentioned above has something for everyone, but it all boils down to what you are looking for.

Whether you want to watch movies, travel or need a sturdy pair of headphones to workout with, you will have to determine which one best fits your requirements. At the same time, you will find it easier to determine how much money you can actually dish out, meaning making an informed decision will be a lot easier than ever before.


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