Best 6 Speakers for Mac of 2018

If you manage to get your hands on the best speakers for your Mac, it will sound like a roaring lion rather than a squeaky mouse. External speakers are really easy to install, and they can make your music listening and movie watching experience come to life. But the real question here is what speakers are best suited of the Mac. To help you in this endeavor, here are some of the best speakers for your Mac that you should consider.

1. Companion 20 by Bose – Price: $249.00

If you want a pair of speakers that are simple and stylish, you should look no further. The Companion 20 by Bose features a sleek metal exterior, without knobs or buttons. The speakers have a sleek aesthetic that will look amazing with your Mac.

The speakers cost a whopping $249.00, even though they come without a dedicated subwoofer. It greatly lacks without a dedicated subwoofer, but it manages to make up for it with the sound quality it has to offer. However, if you want to adjust treble and bass, you will need to give these speakers a pass.

Even if the speakers are placed a bit far away, you can use the control pod make it easier to stop, adjust and start. The control pod also features an AUX port, using which you can connect your iPad, iPhone or any other Apple device to play audio through Bose’s Companion 20.

2. AV42 by M-Audio – Price: $99.00

Costing under $150, the AV42 by M-Audio manages to provide amazing sound quality. The speakers have two drivers each, one for treble and the one for bass.

The speakers sound crisp and clear on higher-end tones, and you will get enough bass even though the AV42 does not come with a dedicated subwoofer. In the front, there is an AUX port, making it easy for you to play music from Apple devices apart from your Mac.

The speakers have a polished and stylish look due to its shiny black coating. M-Audio’s speakers will definitely compliment your Mac, making it even more appealing than it already is. However, it is important to note that the speakers are prone to showing dust and fingerprints, which means you will need to clean them regularly.

3. GDI-BTSP201 by Grace Digital – Price: $99.99

If you simply can’t afford to deal with those pesky wires, then Grace Digital has exactly what you need. The GDI-BTSP201 comes equipped with Bluetooth support, and costs under $150.00.

The speakers look good and use Bluetooth 4.0, making it easier for you to connect devices without breaking a sweat. Each speaker has two drivers, one for treble and one for bass, and manages to give off enough volume to fill a mid-size room.

4. A2+ by Audioengine – Price: $249.00

The Audioengine A2+ speakers are relatively small in size, standing no taller than a can of soda pop. It does have a sleek design without any knobs or buttons on the front to improve the aesthetic.

The speakers are ideal for when there is not enough space. The build quality of the speakers is good for its size. The only drawback is that the treble is scarce at higher volumes.

On the back of the speakers you will come across an AUX port, which can be used to connect other Apple devices. There is even a USB port that can be connected to your computer. If that does not impress you, the fact that they can be connected using older speakers wires to an old stereo will definitely keep things interesting.

5. eXo2 Active 2.1 Monitoring System by Blue Sky International – Price: $856.80

If you wish to up your Mac’s sound game, there is no better option than the eXo2 Active 2.1 Monitoring System by Blue Sky International.

The sound system is pricey, costing over $800, but the sound quality it has to offer is impressive. The 8-inch subwoofer provides deep and warm low-end sounds, while its satellite speakers nail it with clear and sharp highs and mids.

As for the system as a whole, it comes with an 8-inch subwoofer, two satellite speakers along with a desktop hub. The whole system depends on the subwoofer, which houses RCA and XLR inputs, using which you can connect all your Apple devices.

Using the desktop hub, you can control the volume of the subwoofer and satellite speakers independently. Due to this reason, you can create the perfect balance for lows and highs.

If you have got the money, the eXo2 Active 2.1 Monitoring System by Blue Sky International is worth the investment.

6. Companion 2 Series III by Bose - Price: $99.00

Bose has done the unthinkable and has managed to offer a pair of speakers with excellent quality for no more than $99.00. With the Companion 2 Series III you can expect well-balanced sound, with lower-end tones mixing well with higher-end tones. There is no denying the fact the speakers are not designed for audiophiles, but taking its price into account, it is a steal nonetheless.

No different from Bose’s other speakers for desktops, the Companion 2 Series III is designed to be simple through and through. In terms of control, there is a single knob on the right speaker for volume.

All in all, the speakers are very easy to set up, and are perfectly suited for tight spaces.

You now have plenty of options to choose the best speakers for your Mac. If you are still not entirely sure which one in particular is what you need, take factors like budget, space and portability into account. Rest assured, you will be able to pick the absolute best for you own requirements in no time.

No matter which speaker you pick from the aforementioned list, each of them have been designed and crafted in a way that will enhance your Mac’s overall sound quality and look at the same time. Whatever speakers you choose for your Mac, make sure you have enough room for it.


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