Best 5 Monitors for the Latest MacBook and MacBook Pro

Apple’s latest line of MacBook and MacBook Pro are faster not to mention easy to carry. With better graphics and faster speeds, there is no reason why you should not get to enjoy all this power on a bigger screen.

Whether you would like to believe it or not, but the USB-C is the future. It is easy to plug in and it offers unbelievable transfer rates. Additionally, any USB-C cable can be used, especially if your last one breaks unexpectedly. Since the latest MacBooks come with USB-C ports, it would be a great idea to get a compatible monitor for an experience unlike any other. If you are not sure which monitor you should invest in, here are a couple of options for your consideration.

1. ThinkVision X1 by Lenovo – Price: $678.98

Lenovo’s ThinkVision X1 comes highly recommended due to its minimalist and simple design. The monitor is a feat of technology, as it is sleek and it still manages to offer 4K resolution.

The ThinkVision X1 is a gift that keeps on giving, as evident with the fact that it houses a built-in full HD webcam, microphone and speakers. It also features USB 3.0 ports and a USB-C port with a display port with an HDMI port.

2. 27UD88 by LG – Price: $696.00

This 4K monitor is quite possibly the best monitor out there that will enhance your Mac experience by leaps and bounds.

Using nothing more than a single USB-C cable, LG’s 27UD88 can be used as a hub that serves as an interface that works relatively well with just about any peripheral you plug in via the two USB-C 3.0 ports available on the monitor.

You can use your MacBook to calibrate the colors as you see fit, so that when you look between two displays it will not strain your eye sight. At the same time, you have multiple layouts to choose from, 14 to be precise.

The best part about LG’s 27UD88 is that it powers the MacBook when connected as a secondary display. Rest assured, you will not have to worry about your MacBook running out of juice midway of something important you are working on.

3. Ultrafine 5K by LG – Price: $1595.00

If you are itching for the top of the line monitor for your MacBook, then LG’s Ultrafine 5K monitor is exactly what you have been looking for all along.

What is really interesting about this monitor is that it was developed by none other than Apple. The 27-inch monitor has an IPS panel, with an astounding resolution that goes all the way up to 5120 x 2880. It comes with an 85W charging port, and three separate USB-C ports.

The Ultrafine 5K can be used in any configuration of your choosing. It can also be mounted on a VESA arm, which comes with the already included VESA cover. If that was not enough, the monitor even comes with a Thunderbolt 3 cable, but then again the price does demand a complete package without having to spend elsewhere for other accessories.

4. MB169C+ by ASUS – Price: $265.00

ASUS’s MB169C+is one of the coolest monitors available for your MacBook. It is portable, but your MacBook when connected, which means you will be limited by your Apple device’s battery.

The ASUS MB169C+goes all the way up to 1080p, and does not offer the same quality as a Retina display. However, considering the monitor’s price point, it hits all the right marks and gets the job done.

The monitor is light and easy to carry around, all the while being easy on the eyes due to its blue light filter. Even during prolonged use, the monitor will not strain your eyes, which is commendable to say the least.

Even though you cannot run multiple devices at the same time using the MB169C+, but it does rather well as an alternative or secondary display.

5. H277HU kmipuz by Acer – Price: $416.20

The slim-bezeled monitor by Acer looks great in every way. The H277HU kmipuz has an eye catching design, with its collar-shaped stand and golden bezel.

Just like the previous ASUS monitor on this list, this monitor lacks charging capabilities for your MacBook, but it won’t drain power from it either as it has its own dedicated power cable.

It is important to note that the monitor is not for those that expect a lot of maneuverability. The H277HU kmipuz can only be tilted back and forward, 15 and 5 degree respectively. Apart from that, the monitor will serve as an excellent companion to your MacBook, with its 1440 x 2560 display coupled with an HDMI and a display port. Do keep in mind though; peripherals cannot be used with the monitor using the USB-C port.

Now that you know what options are available for your latest MacBook and MacBook Pro, what are you waiting for? A word of caution though; consider any and all factors like cost and the purpose for which you need a monitor for your MacBook before deciding which monitor will best suit your requirements. The better you do your homework, the greater the chances of you landing the right monitor without having to spend too much money in the process.


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